Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Sewing Room

I've been busy working on my sewing room, and it is starting to look better, but at the cost of the rest of the house. The closet is almost organized, although I have a lot more scraps to cut up for my organization project than I thought. The picture with the bookcase is looking to the left from the hall door, and the gray cabinet has my embroidery machine, the closet door is in between the bookcase and my embroidery machine. The picture with the TV is looking in through the hall door to the right, and the cabinet has my bernina, which I was quite shocked to find paperwork and realize that it is 18 years old. The picture with the sewing machine on the tables between the 2 windows is my Janome Jem, which I usually use to sew because it is easier to just sit and sew and not have to put a machine away in a cabinet afterwards. The big space between the gray cabinet and the 2 little tables with my Jem is where the bed will go when it is delivered. I am hoping to have enough room on each side of the bed to kind of scoot into to get to the back of the machines. My husband is still not feeling well, so I waited until he was asleep and moved everything myself. My mother's recliner is still on it's side in the middle of the living room, but I haven't talked myself into pushing it the rest of the way into the family room yet.
I am trying to get things together because the Cyberquilters 4 C-Bee's is having a workshop for a Crazy Big Block on Saturday, which is supposed to be very easy, and I thought that I could probably get that top done on the week-end and then get back to the CC and OC. It was nice having quilts in reserve to give my SIL's when they had surgeries, and now I have none, so I thought this would be a good way to have one quickly.
Well, back to work. When I was younger I would have had this finished in a couple of days even though I was working, but now, I putter and then break, putter and then break some more. It's a good thing I'm retired.

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Amanda said...

Your sewing room's looking good Candace. Isn't that a great thing about being retired though - that there really isn't any rush, there IS (at last) time to potter about and enjoy