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Saturday, May 18, 2013

OKCMQG Block of the Month - The Least Difficult BOM Done --- and Soap!

I really like this block (sorry, it's a bit blurry).  It is visually striking and
"This block has a bit of history to it as it is designed after a portion of the Oklahoma City National Memorial."    It is simple but meaningful.  I was catching up, this is the April Block.
Another relatively simple but striking block.  This is May, so I'm caught up on one BOM now.

January through April, the block with the prints seems to stick out a bit, but there are more blocks coming so we will see.

I love my battery operated soap dispenser, but couldn't stand the price of the refills, so I got the idea to order a wine stopper from Amazon and cut a hole in the soap.  It was much tougher to do than I thought and I'm lucky I didn't enjure myself, as I used scissors, paring knives and box cutter.  It is jagged and if I were to do it again, I'd try some kind of saw if one was available to me.  Anyway, I love my glass rooster, he goes right along with my kitchen, and it is nice to just put sticky kitchen hands underneath and let the electric eye handle it for you.  (The frog needs a good washing, but he holds scrubbers and reminds me of DH, so he will always have his place on the sink.)  Now my soap is refillable, and I can enjoy the savings.
I love my Rowe Stoneware too, though, so I have to keep the old fashioned type on my sink still.   We are either extra clean, or extra dirty.