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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Green RSC Kaleidoscoope, Etc.

Since I finished 2 table runners and a table topper, I linked up with crazy mom quilts Finish it up Friday here. 
My six inch nine patches.
They look the same in the picture, but these are four and a half inch nine patches.
Sixteen patches.
I can't seem to stop Picasa from assigning weird dates.  I actually finished this table runner 040913.  Green scraps in the side on the left, so I figure it's part of the Rainbow Scrap Challenge. 
This was actually finished 040713?  Again one side has green scraps.  They are not really out of shape, it's my photography.
And I almost forgot this green finished 0410.  My Rainbow Scrappy Tripalong, or Bargello?  I'm kind of liking this Tripalong though.
And here, last but not least, my snowballs and nine patches.  Sorry, this whole post is out of chronological order.  I kept adding things to get everything in one post. 
I tried not pressing my block until the end, but my center isn't too good on this one.  I pressed my bonus block as I went, and the center is better.
My crazy bonus block.

I don't know about my expected company, when they will come, so I'm trying to finish everything as my focus will change to cleaning and cooking when I know they're coming.  I just have one more RSC project and I'll be doing it asap (it's done, my snowball and nine patches).  I also have quilts my brother has asked me to do for him as gifts for friends that are a priority. 
If you'd like to see lots more green, it won't fatten your wallet, but you can visit Angela at Soscrappy here .

And my last hurrah for April RSC.  Top Row: Scrappy Trip Along, Table Runner, 4 1/2 inch 9 patches.  Second Row: Rainbow Jelly Roll Race, Snowballs and 9 patches.  Bottom Row: Table Runner, Kitty Table Topper, Kaleidoscope blocks, 6 Inch 9 Patches and 16 Patches.