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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Regifting a Gift

My newly refound friend gifted me with a kit to make a table runner from the pattern and fabrics on the left (which I love), and so since there was enough fabric for two table toppers, with fabric to spare, I decided to make the toppers so that I could share.   I was proud of myself that I had pretty much depleted down to a few scraps my autumn fabrics, so I had to make a visit to the store to do a little replenishing so that I could make them reversible.  This one is hers, last time I got the pumpkin and she got the autumn tree, I haven't finished mine yet, but this time I will get the autumn tree back.  Since DH has a doctors appointment in Gainesville today we will be passing by the city where she lives and I hope to give her hers so that she can enjoy it for the rest of the season.   There is still fabric left and two pillow motifs that match the winter scenes, I had hoped to finish a pillow for her, but unfortunately ran out of time and energy, but I think that it'll make another little surprise gift that I can give her before the end of November, and it'll be pretty with the Christmas (winter) side. 

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Pumpkin Tablerunner

I've outdone myself in taking bad pictures, but yesterday I saw Green Fairy Quilts Pumpkin Table Runner and decided I needed one for my table.  I decided I wanted it long, my table is 6 feet, and I got started.  Anyone who has read my blog knows that I prefer reversible table toppers and runners, so luckily I had enough Christmas fabric.  I worked on it several hours yesterday and then worked on it during the night from about 1am until about 3:15 am.  I got up at 5:30 am and finished it about 9:15 am.  It is now washed and on the table.  When it's time for the Christmas side, it will be on a Parson's table in my kitchen, but for now it's on the dining room table.  I flipped over the quilt that I made for a tablecloth and used the plain back, not my first choice in colors, but it is what it is, and it'll be there until the end of November.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Two More Finished

This is the last manly quilt (4 out of 4) finished for my grandson Jacob.  Now to get them delivered, the house back to where I don't mind living here, and then on to my pumpkin table mats.   I'm going to use this pattern, but am going to be lazy and probably skip the leaves and stems.  I think they will still be cute.

This is one of the quilts that looks pretty good if you own a horse to gallop by it on (not my best quilting ever).  It is finished, and hopefully DGD will be happy.   The heart at the bottom was my sad little attempt at shabby chic and to cover up a fraying seam. 
The four fabrics on the left are for the pumpkins the middle is the background,  the stripe is the narrow border, and the large print below with the black background is the wide border.  I think I have enough fabric for about 3 of them.  A quick and easy project, especially using my lazy way.
Between blogger and my ignorance of its new rules, we can make a 20 minute job last 2 hours easily.