Saturday, March 30, 2013

Redneck Dingbat Quilter has a Tutorial and a Giveaway

If you'd like to see how to make this, and maybe even win one, go here.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Basting and Thinking, Oh No!

I started basting at 9am, as you can see on the clock, and I just finished at 8pm.  That's solid basting except for a couple of hours when DH and I went to lunch.  Early morning light.

Early evening light.  This quilt is so big that even folding it was hard, lol.   Now to the thinking part, that's the bad thing about thread basting, lots of time to think.  When I finish this quilt and the replacement Scrappy Lattice, I'll have seven large bed sized quilts, and I have three queen sized beds.  I only have a smallish house, so I think that is probably enough.  I also have several large lap sized quilts and I'm working on more quilts that are already started, at least one of which will be another large queen size.   I always have known that just because I love quilts doesn't mean that others could care less.   Recently, a couple of things have reminded me of that fact, one was my son, who can't see any pattern to my quilts (except for the Scrappy Lattice and a Quiltville mystery.   Those two he thought could be good enough to sell in the store, which seems to be the equivelent of saying that my quilts at their best are almost as good as a bedspread off the rack at Penney's or Sears)   He says he loves his quilt, but I know if that's so it's only because I made it for him, not because it has any other value, except to keep warm.   The other was my brother who had forgotten that I had made him two quilts.  He uses one regularly, but the other evidently came home, was set on the floor beside his desk and forgotten.  After we discussed it, he remembered that he had seen something on the floor (his house is neat and clean, but he's a bachelor, so things sit where they land for a while sometimes, and he has housekeepers, so they do the vacuuming and moving things to clean under) and it turned out to be his quilt that I had given him back in May of 2011.  I don't feel mad at anyone, I can't expect that others value what I value.  I think that I've decided to cut way back on quilting though, maybe even give it up.  I have projects that I have started that I want to finish, but  I've given quilts to almost everyone I know, and I don't need more.   I will hopefully get more exercise, eat better since I may start cooking again, and have a cleaner house, more room and money , too.  My house has always been pretty clean, but it hasn't been as clean since I have become obsessed with computers and quilting.   Anyway, that's my plans, maybe I'll go back to sewing clothes and such, but I think I have enough quilts.  I enjoy making them, and I may have to wean myself, like a drug addict or alcoholic, but it is starting to seem like enough is enough.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Craftsy Re-Piecing the Past-Lesson 6

Since I don't know when our friends are visiting, I decided to get a head start on April.   I can do this series and the Craftsy BOM 2012 series ahead of time, so this was my choice.  Not my finest hour, I cut off some points and I just can't seem to get the hang of not ironing as I go, which is what the instructor recommends.  Maybe, you can't teach an old dog new tricks, lol. 

Southern Pride Block

Union Pride Block

Rally Round the Flag Block

It was fun adding them to my mock-up.  Next lesson is the house on the bottom right, which I'm looking forward to.  Only 3 more blocks and then it's on to the sashings.  I don't know if I'll go strickly with how Kaye England, the instructor did it, or branch out a bit.   I also got the back and binding done for my Throwing Up Scraps (Scrap Vomit), so I'm hoping to get it basted and quilted soon.  It's even more of a monster than my Easy Street, about 108 by 108.  I guess I'd better get ready for a backache. 

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Just Wondering

I purchased these flannel sheets from ShopNBC on sale, it's good quality 5.6 ounce flannel and it was on clearance for about $30.00 and then the shipping was $10.00, so total around $40.00.  I know that many don't like to use sheets for backs and none of us like to pay shipping, but I figure if the price is low enough it is still a good deal.  I started wondering how much fabric I actually get from a set of king sized sheets.  This flannel has been washed, so it has shrunk already and I ended up with 2 pieces 13.5 by 72, and 2 pieces 36 by 40.  I also have 1 piece 100 by 100 and another 68 x 104 inches.  All of my measurements were under rather than over and I figured about 21,896 inches.  Since a yard has 1296 inches, I figure that I got 16.9 yards from my set of sheets.  That comes to about $2.37 a yard, which isn't bad at all and I have mostly nice big pieces to start off my back.  All in all, I'm happy with what I feel was a bargain.  If only I could figure out some good use for that brand new elastic.  
PS  Another thought.  This is for the back of a quilt for my bed, but if it were for a gift, or if I liked to sleep on flannel (which I don't, but I live in Florida), I could not cut up the pillow cases (the 2 pieces 36 by 40 inches) and give them to the recipient of a gift.  I know some ladies make pillowcases as gift wrapping. 

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Easy Street is Finished

I misfigured the back and had to add another strip longwise and depthwise, but I think it made things a bit more interesting, not that anyone will see it.   I bought 3 sets of flannel sheets a while back, flannel sheets in these three colors and have used them almost up now.  Just a couple of little pieces left.  I got some new flannel sheets recently and they'll do for my Throwing up Scraps (Scrap Vomit) and my replacement Scrappy Lattice.  May have enough for a couple more from them, too.  (Doesn't everyone keep shoes in their nightstands.)

I wanted to wash it and then put it on the bed, but went out to lunch with some of the family, so this is before washing, it's in the washer now.   It'll shrink a few inches, but will still be plenty big enough.

From the other side of the bed, it shows a bit more of the pattern.   Not exactly a perfect fit for my Easy Street, but it was what I had at the time. 

From the other side, I think I like it. 

Lots to fold over at the top, which I like.   My quilting was worse than usual I think, but it's done and the galloping horse rule applies.  
Oh-oh, quilting this monster gave me an urge to make a table topper.  I may have to make one with a spring theme to fit the drop leaf table my brother made me, that could mean another hidden wells.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Orange I Glad?

I think I'm glad, as I can't wait to find out the new color, and I think this is it for my orange.        Top Row:  Mistake Nine Patches, Kaleidoscope, Jelly Roll Race, Sixteen Patches, Snowball and Nine Patches.
Bottom Row: Blocks if set into Bargello, Orange Nine Patch Reversible Table Topper,  Other side of Table Topper, Blocks if set into Trip Around the World.  Same blocks, just not sure of how I'll set them.
Instead of working on orange for the rest of the month, I think I'll be finishing my Easy Street, it's half quilted now.   Then, I'll put the label on my Scrappy Lattice, get it washed dryed and fresh for my friends, and then hopefully on to basting my huge Throwing up Scraps (Scrap Vomit) and my two mannish quilts, I'm thinking they could also be appropriate for a girl who didn't like the frilly flowery quilts.  There is just one week left, so that may be it, or I may get another quilted, who knows, or maybe some more squares on my next Scrappy Lattice, I have 40 done out of the 440, it's a start.  Can't wait to find out April's RSC color.   Orange you glad that there is still work going on for March's?  If so check out Angela's Soscrappy blog here.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Back to Basting

It's huge.  I had to make a day of it, the first thing I discovered was I had made the back too small.

One down and 3 to go.  I have 2 large lap sized quilts and another giant one even bigger than this.  I haven't decided yet whether to have a basting orgy and get all 4 done, or to get this one quilted first.  If so, I can do the label on my scrappy lattice, wash it, and have it ready for my friends.  I think I just talked myself into plan B.   I'm supposed to get 2 king sized flannel sheet sets tomorrow that I ordered from ShopNbc.  Quite a deal, nice heavy 100% cotton flannel for about 39 dollars and change including shipping for a whole king sized set, which means yards and yards of fabric. 

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Is it Tacky?

Friends who we have known and loved since we were young are coming to visit us in a month or two.  I was going to try to make another Scrappy Lattice for them, but the only fabric I had enough of to do the lattice strips is a print.   That made me think that even though we've used this one for a couple of months that I would wash and label it for them and then have the second one for our bed when it is done.  A couple of reasons.  One, it would take the time crunch off of me, I wouldn't have to feel like it had to be done quickly and second, it's already a fairly busy quilt and the print will probably make it a bit busier.  Most men like plainer things and I think that our friend may be one of them.  Would it be tacky to give them this one even though we've used it for a couple of months?

Meanwhile, I have the 440 five inch squares cut out, and the 440 lattice strips.  There are more than 100 fabrics, as I made a rule for myself on the first one that I could use the same fabric up to 4 times and some of the fabrics are only once or twice.  I would guess probably at least 120 different fabrics.   I used up a lot of fabrics from my scrap bins.  I was surprised that for this large queen sized quilt (about  105 by 115.5 inches)  that it took about 5 1/4 yards of fabric for the lattice alone.  This is one of my favorite quilts that I've made and my thanks again to Jean at MaDan's Quilting.  If you are interested in the tutorial it is here.

PS  Here are the first 40 squares.  Not much of a palette of colors yet, but I'm not hating it.  I think the print lattice will work out fine.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Monday, March 11, 2013

Catching up Kaleidoscope Blocks for RSC and Mistake

Since I got the urge to do kaleidoscope blocks for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge, I had to catch up January pink and February purple.  So far so good.

Then as I was sewing on the last strip in the stripset I realized that the stupid that seems to have overtaken me since DH came home had struck again.  This doesn't look like purple.  Oh well, I'll have it done when we get to blue. 

Here is my required purple.
Each time I've done the strip sets I've had some extras, so here is bonus block number one.
And bonus block number two.  I''m sure that by the end I will have had all manor of strange blocks.

And here are the first 3 months, plus blue in advance and my two bonus blocks.   Quite colorful if I do say. 

And March's contribution to my Jelly Roll quilt which will be put together at the end unless I decide to start doing my long long strip before that, I just may.

Tuesday, 03-12-2013
The orange nine patches were a mistake when I was making the snowball and nine patches for the RSC.
having some type of mental illness which doesn't allow me to let well enough alone I had to back track on these also and do the January pink and February purples.  I hope that I don't make anymore mistakes, I think I'm getting out of hand.
I was just thinking I'll probably use this post in the next Saturday link-up for RSC and if you'd like to see the other orange that I did between last Saturday and next Saturday, go here.
And if you'd like to see what others have been doing with the Rainbow Scrap Challenge that Angela provides for us, go here.
Meanwhile, I did the last 8 of my 49  Throwing up Scraps (Scrap Vomit) blocks and I'm in process of preparing borders.  I have 100 4 patches to do and then I'll attach them and see how the finished flimsy fits on my queen sized bed.  

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Last Orange? Also, Learned Something New!

It's getting harder to find enough orange to go around.

Maybe, this is part of the reason.  First, I made my 9 patches too big.  I wasn't thinking and since I usually use 2 1/2 inch squares, I just automatically did it again, and didn't realize (how did I miss it) until I actually finished one.   Then to make sure that I fixed it 'good' I got in my mind 4 blocks instead of 3 and made an extra 2 nine patch blocks the correct size.  Duh.  Oh well, I have some extra blocks for a back or something.

I did do ok on my 16 patch blocks though.  They do use 2 1/2 inch blocks.  Now, I'm itching to do the pink and the purple kaleidoscope blocks and to finish some quilts.  Hope all is ok around here and I can get to some of it.
On the Craftsy BOM 2013 some people had used the coloring page and did a mock up of their quilt.  I decided to try it, although I had no idea how until I saw instructions by KarenFSP, "I used Windows Paint. In my computer Paint is located under the Accessories menu under All Programs. I opened the Jan. block in Paint, highlighted the block, right-clicked to open the menu so I could copy the block. Then I opened the layout in Paint and pasted the block onto the layout. I drug the block to the space it belonged, resized it to fit the space, and rotated it to lay the way I wanted. I then pasted the remaining January blocks and did the same with them. I saved the new layout and proceeded using the same method to copy and paste the February and March blocks onto the layout. Hope this works for you!"   I never used Paint before, and was quite proud of myself.  Neat, huh.
Since I can't ever do anything in moderation, I also did one for the Craftsy Repiecing the Past.  

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Craftsy Repiecing the Past - Lesson 5

Yankee Puzzle Block

Temperance Block

Barbara Fritchie Star