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Friday, January 16, 2015

Grand Illusion (Springtime Sky) and Organizing

Ok, time to baste.  I usually use Sharon Schamber's board method, but this one is much too big for that.  Going by Bonnie's finish at 88 x 88 inches, this one should finish at 94 1/2 x 94 1/2. 

It took a few hours, but it's heavy and basted.  I also have a smaller quilt top, that I made this week, to baste and quilt. 

You see these around the web, and I've been wanting one.  I hope to use it in my sewing room, and without too much trouble, also be able to empty it out quickly, and use it for serving when we have company.  As you see, I haven't really loaded it up yet. It's an Ikea Raskog, rolling cart with an Aptitlig Butcher block on top.  The Aptitlig is not a perfect fit, but it's pretty good.

This is a small Origami bookcase, from HSN.   It's sitting on the table behind my Juki, and I'll find out soon if I can leave it there and still quilt large quilts. 
And here is the other quilt top that I have to baste.  It's smaller, about 64 x 80 and for a lap quilt for a friend.  Hope she likes it.  Haven't been around her much for years, so not sure about her colors.  One thing about scrappy, mostly they have lots of colors, and can go many places.

Back to organizing, wouldn't it be nice, if I could find my scissors when I need them.  It will also be seen, if this is going to help.  I was hoping to hang my rotary cutters on it too, but the holes were too small.   My sewing room looks extra messy today, I have stuff moved around to allow the delivery men to bring in my new washer and dryer.  With the ones I have now, it's an all day thing to wash and dry 2 loads.  They are old and very inefficient, kind of like me.