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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Haircut, Shopping and Mail

Today was a very good day. I started out with a badly needed haircut, which I won't know if that was good until I wash it, so I'm hoping for the best. My DH and I then went across town, using my new GPS phone, to Ikea. This was only our second visit to Ikea, and it was a quick walk thru as my husband got kind of dizzy, but I still enjoyed it. We got some great deals on a large planter and its saucer, which is for my avacado tree grown from a seed by me. For most that is no great accomplishment, but since I have a brown thumb, I am very proud of myself. Little John, the gnome, will accompany the tree to it's new home. I also got a board (shelf) to cover for my new ironing table, some file boxes, and what we originally went for, plastic microwave plate covers to replace the ones that melted when I started my microwave roaring fire.

When we got home, the day got even better, as I had two packages in the mail. First of all, I have been coveting Nicole's Raggedy Old Annie's and so I ordered one about a week and a half ago, she had to make her, and I still received her today. Here she is admiring the contents of my other package, the paraphanalia for my new GPS phone (which worked perfectly twice today, once to Ikea and once back home). I have been ordering my cell phone accessories for years from CellPhoneShop the prices are good, and I like getting mail from Hong Kong. I only ordered it Friday, and it came today, and I got the silicone case, car charger, and outdoor style carrying case for 18.56 total. Everything that I have gotten from them has worked fine.
I know that I am past middle age, but maybe I'm entering my second childhood, because I plan to add more Annies from Nicole, plus I plan to add at least one from Hannies Annies, too. In the second picture, she is resting and cooling off in her new place of honor on the bed in my sewing room. It was a very good day.

P.S. I must say, she is very photogenic.