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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Janome 6600 Demo and Sewing Room Bed

Today we got up, and they delivered my new sewing room bed first thing. The headboard is a little higher than the one I gave my daughter, and a little darker, and it seems to dominate the room, but I am getting used to it. As you can see, the quilt is a little small for the bed, but I like it anyway. The bedspreads that we had shrunk, so I am using them as bedskirts. They are queen sized, but with the shrinkage I didn't have to do any adjustments.
Next thing we did was go to a local store that was having a demo of the Janome 6600. I don't really need another machine, but I have been wondering about it because of the bigger quilting area, and wondering if I had one if I would do my own quilting instead of sending them off. I went away not too tempted due to the price, and due to they only wanted to give me a $200.00 trade-in for my Bernina 1130. I figure if and when I am ready, I would go maybe with a Juki and a frame instead and keep my Bernina. This is all just dreaming at this point, and if I did have the money I would have to find someplace where they actually had some to try. It's fun to dream, anyway. I don't have room or reason for a longarm, but the shortarm or midarm might be a possibility for the future.

Friday, May 2, 2008

New Bed

Our old bed still looked okay, but if you just walked by (a slight exaggeration) it squeaked. We have had it for about 42 years, and it has moved from place to place with us, many many moves. This is our new bed. Due to my mother's not being able to be left alone, we bought it sight unseen, except for a picture on the furniture companies web site. I guess it's not too much of a surprise, that due to inflation we paid twice as much just for the bed, as we did for the whole bedroom set 42 years ago. It just so happened that it ended up being delivered on my birthday, so I got my new bed, and we had supper with one of my grandsons and my daughter and her boyfriend, so mostly it was a good day, except my husband has been in a bad mood all day, so that kind of put a damper on things. This was just the bed, we kept the same mattress and boxsprings, but in about a week, I have a headboard, frame, and mattress and boxspring coming for my sewing room. We gave my daughter the one we had when we got my mother's hospital bed. That one is supposed to be delivered the day before Mother's day, so I guess this is the year of the beds.