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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Hens and Chicks, Baby Quilt, Sewing Manuals, AC

Today has been long and tiring, but a lot has gotten done. I started the day early, and looked out my back window to see what looked like 2 large foxes in the field behind my house. I am almost 100% sure that they were coyotes, and that they live under the tree in the field about 50 yards from my back yard. After seeing them, I realized that I don't see stray cats anymore, and I have been missing my quail, and I wonder if the coyotes ate them, if so I'm not too fond of coyotes.

The two pots of hens and chicks are new to me. I had mentioned how much I like them, and Julie of Julie's Blog was kind enough to send me the plants in the pot with the mushroom, some real beauties, and the plants in the pot with the gnome I ordered from Mountaincrest Gardens. I had to wait a little while, but I ordered 2, and they sent 4, so I was very happy. Aren't they great, and it was so nice of Julie.
This (below, and in the closet) is a picture of what took all day today. We had 2 workers here working from about 9 am until about 6 pm installing our new AC, and they will be back tomorrow morning about 9 am to finish. They still have to do some odds and ends, and some attic work. Since we live in Central Florida, the earlier they get started the better, as the attic can be brutal. I hate that we had to spend the money, but it will be so nice not to be worrying practically on a daily basis about our old one breaking down.
The notebook is a project that I thought of, and hope I don't regret. I have several machines now, a serger, an embroidery machine, a Janome Jem, my old trusty Bernina 1130, and I seem to never be able to find the manuals when I need them. I made copies of the ones I could, so if I ever sell them I will have the manuals individually still, but I took the copies to Kinko's and had them put them all in a spiral binding with dividers. Now I have a big manual all in one place, I hope that it will simplify my life. If you ever do anything similar, copy what you need first, as they don't copy anything copywrited.
While the workers were working, I was working, too. I started and finished this baby quilt today, I'm still amazed by myself. It is a simple little quilt, but for me it was an accomplishment. I embroidered the back, and got the binding ready, too. It is another Crazy Big Block from the Stashbuster workshop pattern. DH is holding it up, and the border is a lighter purple than it looks like in the picture. It's 9:20 pm, and I still have more to do, I hope to mail the baby quilt and OC off tomorrow to the longarmer and need to pack it up and do my click and ship. That is what inspired me to work work work on my baby quilt today.