PROJECTS 2012
1.   Vince's Quilt
2.    Robert Howland's Quilt
3.    Sunrise Sunset (Orca Bay)
4.     Jill's Quilt
5.     Purple Paintbox Quilt 
6.    Maisyn's Lasagna Quilt
7.     Kolbie's Lasagna Quilt
8.    Logann's Lasagna Quilt
9.    2nd RRCB Mystery  (Working on blocks)
10.   Mackenzie's Quilt
11.   My State Flower Quilt  (Still to do in 2013)
12.   Sandra's State Flower Quilt  (Still to do in 2013)
13.   Beccie's Tote
14.   Marcy and Mackenzie's Totes (Diaper Bag)
15.   Hank's Cherry Pit Bags  (In my mind)
16.  Vince's Man Bag (Still to do in 2013)
17.   Breanna's Quilt
18.    Kerri's Quilt 
19.    Mary Ann's Quilt  
20.    5" Charms Scrappy (Scrappy Lattice)
21.    Maddox's Baby Quilt 
22.    Borgasmord (Star Struck)
23.    Cecilia's Girly Shadow Box Quilt
24.    Quilt of Valor Mystery Quilt-A-Long 
25.    Holland Quilt
26.    Taggie  
27.    Craftsy Block of the Month
28.   Kindle case with Sandra
29.    Hidden Wells Table Topper  
30.    Scrap Vomit Quilt (Still to do in 2013)
31.    Handbags for wedding 
32.    Kaylea's Kindle Bag 
33.   Easy Street Mystery  (Still to do in 2013)
34.   Sandra's Fire Bag with her
35.   Kindle Case with Tabbie
36.  Georgia Bulldog Quilt with Tabbie
37.  Georgia Bonesteel LapQuilt (Still to do in 2013)

I think maybe these are why I don't get my old projects finished, these are all new projects. 

                                                                PROJECTS 2013

1.   My State Flower Quilt
2.   Sandra's State Flower Quilt
3.   Vince's Man Bag
4.   Scrap Vomit Quilt
5.   Easy Street Mystery
6.   Georgia Bonesteel LapQuilt
7    Sugar Block Club/Craftsy BOM 2012
            Pink, blue, red and grey
9.   ScrapHappy Saturday
      a)  Rainbow 9 patch and snowball
      b)  Rainbow 16 patch
      c)  Rainbow scrappy Trip Along or Scrappy Bargello
      d)  Rainbow Jelly Roll Race 
      e)  Rainbow Kaleidoscope
       f)  Rainbow Tabletoppers  
10.  OKC Modern Quilters:  BOM
11.  Craftsy BOM 2013
              Cheddar, Green, Brown, Purple
12.  Re-Piecing the Past Civil War Blocks
             Blue, Gold, Green and Red
13.  Two Not Girly Coin Row Quilts 

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