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Monday, April 25, 2011

I Made it for April!

I made it, Saturday was basting day, Sunday quilting day, and this AM binding and now just washing and drying and delivering left.   I think that it doesn't look quite as busy now, and hopefully it will be liked.   Quilting day is always too much thinking day for me.   I can't hear the TV or the Ipod, so I'm on my own and then I start to think my arms are tired, my back is tired and I think that half the people who I make quilts for would just as soon have a blanket from Walmart or a $10.00 gift certificate.   If I weren't quilting I'd have a cleaner house, more nourishing food, and more money, such are my thoughts.   Then when the quilt is finished I feel better again.  Does anyone else have these heretical thoughts, lol.

The label.  I did well keeping all the directional fish fabrics swimming in the right direction, and then this guy is upside down on the back.  Oh well, nobody is perfect.

I need to find a new way of photographing my quilts.  Until then this is my number two pose.   For me keeping up my goal is new and different, and here it is a finish for April.

Friday, April 22, 2011

A Little (Maybe a lot) Busy

I hoped this quilt would be like this one, this one, or this one, only different.  After all, I did use my leader and ender 16 patches.  However, it turned out looking much more busy.  It was supposed to look a little beachy (although I couldn't find any beach fabric that would seem to work in my mind, so I chose fish since they are in the ocean and she has an aquarium) and her favorite colors were blue, purple, and white.  Check, check, check, only when put together with my 16 patches, chaos.  I am going to use a narrow green border and then a wide border from the fish fabric.  Hopefully, it will be toned down a bit.  It's for a young girl about 14 who is moving and decorating her room with a beach theme, so if she doesn't like it I guess I'll make her another one.  

PS  I'm supposed to get the rest of my Gator Fabric today, and then I'll try to get them finished and then back to my Paintbox quilts.  The Gator quilts are for my brothers and my Paintbox quilts don't have any destination yet (maybe, one for me) so they keep taking a back seat.   I'm hoping to finish Alex's quilt (the one in the picture) before the end of April to keep up my goal of at least one quilt finish a month. 

PPS  We went to visit our new great grandbaby but it was a short visit.  We had a flat on the way, and a 100 mile trip on the toll roads turned into a 5 and 1/2 hour journey with tow truck and trip to Walmart to get a new tire.  We took them to dinner and got to see the and hold the baby, Cecilia, and she is tiny and adorable.