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Thursday, May 1, 2014

A New Great-Grandbaby

Aurora, a wee bit of joy after the sadness.  She was born the 29th, she's healthy and beautiful.  Mommy is doing well, too.  Sorry, it's a blurry cell phone picture,
A little better picture, the next day.  Aurora, and her four year old cousin, Dominic.

Two of the three Gator bags made for my daughter, me, and a nurse at the Shand's Hospital pain management department, where my husband is a patient.

Some mindless crochet, which was what I needed.  It's about 80 by 50, and if my husband likes it, will be for him.

I bought 5 skeins of yarn, but both ends are using up pieces of yarn.  Now, I'm out of yarn except for some old scratchy yarn that I bought years ago.  This was made from "I love this yarn" from Hobby Lobby. Very soft, squishy stuff.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Celtic Solstice Clue 5, Temple Bag Interior, and Sad Family News

Celtic Solstice Clue 5 finished, but I think I'll probably try to redo Clue 2.  The original backwards ones would make a passable border, I think.

The interiors of my temple bags, light green and pink.  Ironing the interfacing was a bear, and I'm still not certain that all is stable with it.
On a sad family note my 91 year old aunt passed away yesterday.  She lived in Iowa and I live in Florida, but I saw her off and on over the years and I feel sadness.  She had a good life, but she'll be missed.   

Sunday, August 18, 2013


I was playing with my blocks and with the Paint program on my computer this morning, and I came up with this.  After 4 more months of RSC, I could make 2 of these.  The bottom half, except for the orange and pink, would be filled with 2 each of the new RSC colors from September through December.   Just one idea.  With 8 months of blocks, there are enough to play a little.  I'm thinking that I may make doll quilts for my nieces 3 littlest girls from my small 9 patches.  I have 16 of those now, and 6 each with sashing and borders might make very nice little quilts, the same but different

My great-granddaughter from Germany will be visiting in the fall, and I've already decided to make 2 blocks each week from the Nabby's Dowry quiltalong for a doll quilt for her and a wall hanging for me, and I picked up a doll from Cracker Barrel.  Her outfit isn't exactly the cutest,  I got another coordinating, but more girly outfit to go with her.  So far my little GGD is a girly-girl.  I think there's a bit of tomboy too, though.  PS.   Red hair was a requirement, so she would match, so this was the only one with red hair.
And here's her little more girly outfit, it's shiny and lacey. 

Sunday, July 21, 2013

A Week Off

Really not much on the sewing front.  I've thought a lot about it, but all I've actually done was this block 2 for the Nabby's Dowry sew along from Heartspun Quilts.   I'm really looking forward to this little quilt (wall-hanging), as I am excited to use up some of my little bonus HSTs.

I have done a few dishcloths, or as I call them "Sweat Sweaters", as my daughter and I use them as feminine glisten gleaners at the gym we've joined.  A friend told me that her mother told her "horses sweat, men perspire, and ladies glisten".   I'm not much of a knitter, but I've enjoyed doing them while my husband watches his Red Sox.   It's kind of nice to switch between watching with him, going on my ipad and knitting.  I should add a fourth category, dozing off.

One of my grandsons passed his real estate test this week, so a few of the family went to a sushi restaurant for lunch.  Three of my grandsons are in the picture, but it's not a very good angle.  My husband wore the hat to protect his head, the bandage is also protecting his recent skin cancer bout and keeping the bandage on.  No offense to you Yankee fans, but he was given the Yankee hat as a joke from a Yankee fan and he has been wearing it during his healing process so that if he messes up a hat, it won't be a Red Sox one.  The restaurant was so empty when we went that we felt like we had a private room.

My dinner before digging in.  It was pretty tasty, but not as good as the company.  As you can see, I'm not authentic, I can't seem to master chopsticks, but I do think that they are handy sewing tools.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Good Times

It's back to normal life now, our friends have come and gone and we had a lovely visit.  We ate, relaxed by the lake, ate some more, went to SeaWorld, and ate and ate.  We did get in a little sewing, we ladies both made little Scotty dogs while the guys visited, but I have to admit that hers turned out better than my poor little guy.  It was fun though, and I like him even if he does have an elderly wrinkly behind, and slightly crooked legs and head.   I had cut them out and made several kits about 3 years ago or so and it was nice to finally get a couple of them made.   SeaWorld was great, they hadn't been before and we got to see about 4 shows.  It was overcast and sometimes drizzly, but we were grateful that it wasn't steaming hot.   We had really good seats at Shamu Stadium, the best we've ever had, and the shows were awesome.   It was hard to see them go, we haven't seen much of them over the years, but have considered them our really good friends for over 40 years, they introduced us to our church. 

His birthday was Sunday, Kaylea's was this past Monday, and Micah's and mine were yesterday, so my daughter and her husband had a family gathering at their house.  It was a very nice last evening before they had to go.  I think three birthday cakes is really going above and beyond.  Our friend had his birthday cake before they came, but we still celebrated his birthday, too.  
PS.   Since we were both sewing, I first got out my Janome Platinum, and the foot pedal was having issues (they have been long time and I've read on the net that it's not uncommon for them to keep sewing after you let off the pedal.  I ordered a new pedal today, and I certainly hope that it resolves the issue as it has had it since almost the beginning after I purchased it.  If not, I think Janome is going to get a letter from me about my unhappiness  I had tinkered with it a few months ago and thought that the problem was resolved, but uh-uh), so I got out my Featherweight.  I remembered from over 40 years ago that when we sewed together she had a really cute little black machine, and I was right, it was a Featherweight.   Anyway, I've had mine for several years, but it has been mostly a decoration and it was nice for someone who knew how to use them to plug her in and give her a little workout.  I was happy to see that she purred right along.  

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Misc., Hidden Wells, China Cabinet, Sandhill Cranes and Vomit, Oh My!

Just one more picture of my Throwing Up Scraps (Scrap Vomit), all washed and crinkly and on my bed with clean sheets.  DH is enjoying them all now. 

We decided that some more red, white and blue on the tables in the living and dining room would be nice when our friends get here, so this is No. 1.  Another hidden wells, I think it's going to be nice.  This one will have borders and the reverse I decided will be purples.   Maybe another wonky log cabin, as that takes the stress out of trying to get things centered. 

When my husband was in the hospital we received the little Shar Peis as a gift from our grandchildren in Germany.  I promised a picture of them in use, it took me long enough.  They have magnets in their lips (do dogs have lips).

The sandhill cranes were right in my front yard, the closest I've been to them.  I was only about 10 feet away, I would guess.  I need to get some corn or something from the feed store, maybe they'll visit again.   They make a racket, I decided that they sound like pinking shears cutting thick fabric, but much louder. 

Two of my favorite things, the big birds and my car. 

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Husband Still In Hospital

It was supposed to be an ablation of the heart on January 16, and a one or two day stay.   That turned into open heart surgery, a pericardiectomy.   Here it is January 29th and we are still here, hoping to go home soon, he is doing fairly well. 

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Tabbie's Sewing

I was quilting my Craftsy BOM when my granddaughter texted and asked me if I could help her make a wallet.  Of course, I said yes and did what I could to prepare for the next day.  In my previous post I added a picture of the bag we made and the outside of her wallet (here).   Here is the inside of her wallet.  It's not perfect, the pattern was not well written and had no pictures at all, so there was a lot of figuring out and a couple of mistakes that we had to get creative with, but all in all, it was a success.  She loves her bag and her wallet and thought that it was fun. 
While we were at Joann's buying zippers, interfacings and such she decided that she would like to make a Christmas gift for her friend.  Her friend likes camo and the Georgia Bulldogs, so I suggested a fleece throw.   That appealed to her so we looked at fabrics and while we were looking for fabric for the binding, she changed her mind and decided she'd like to make a quilt instead, like the one her mother had made for her husband.  Same pattern, but big difference, he's a Florida Gator fan, a big rival of the Bulldogs.   She had two days off, the first day was wallet and bag and the second day was quilt.  She still has one border to add and binding to prepare, and I have a label to add to a sheet that we chose for the back, and then we'll be able to baste.  I'm hoping her next day off that we will get to that point and then I'll quilt it for her, she'll come back and attach the binding, a wash and a dry and her friend will be opening her Bulldog quilt in the middle of some die hard Gator fans on Christmas. 

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Daughter and I Finished Her Bag

Not very good pictures I'm afraid, taken with my iphone in poor lighting.  The handles are orange, and the bag is denim.  It's very cushy

The front zipper pocket lining.

We added this pocket, it's big enough for regular sheets of paper and is open.  I had cut one out for my bag too, but got carried away with the directions and forgot to add it to mine.  It isn't in the directions. 

All the linings are different as we were using leftovers from Gator quilts, but they are all very Gatory, and I think they give it character.   Even the pulls have Gators on them.  I got the bag started and my daughter finished it. 

Filling in the Time and Catching Up

I got up early this morning, as usual, and started off by getting my daughter's Kindle Fire bag up to this point.  It's pretty close to finished probably only another hour or so, but I needed the D rings to go further and my daughter has those.  She's coming after work and hopefully, she will be using it tomorrow.   Hope the picture doesn't make anyone dizzy, I flipped it.

Yesterday, I basted the bottom quilt, my RRSR (RRCB) and the top quilt, Maddox's baby quilt, and after I got as far as I could on the bag this morning I started basting the middle one, my Craftsy BOM.  Now, to clean, oil and change the needle in my Juki, and wind about 100 bobbins (a slight exaggeration) and I'll be set to do some meandering.  When I was almost done I had to stop and take DH to the heart doctor.  He didn't seem to have any real answers, I hate when Dr's ask me what is wrong, but his loop recorder showed that he had had several episodes of atrial fibrillation in the past 2 weeks, so within a month he should be having his ablation.  Meanwhile, on Dec. 10th he'll have surgery for a skin cancer on top of his head.  I know it could be worse, but he doesn't seem to catch too many breaks these days.   I sure hope this helps and he gets some verve back in his life.
When I refrerred to filling in the time, I mean until Friday when clue no. 2 of East Street is out.  I think I'll be ready.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

A Little Bit of Christmas Sewing

My youngest granddaughter is getting a Kindle Fire for Christmas from my daughter and her husband so I found a good deal on a cover from ShopNBC and I made her this bag this morning to carry it in.  It is quilted and fully lined with 2 pockets inside and 2 outside.  Hope she likes it.  She's 9 so I was hoping that this Ikea fabric is young but not too young.  You can see the green striped pocket lining showing through, the inside is lined in the same fabric and the inside pockets are lined with the Ikea fabric. 

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Beginning of Maddox's Quilt and Visit

I have the simple little blocks done and am about ready to start assembling them.  I hope Maddox and his family like it.  If they like it a lot, they are near Ikea and can probably add accessories for his room as the fussy cut blocks with the bunnies and the hedgehogs are Ikea fabric.   Should end up about 46 by 58 inches before washing, and a few inches smaller after washing.  Sorry, it's a little confusing sitting on my Orange Crush, but the bottom two rows with the borders should be how it looks.  Quite a change working with little blocks with from one to four pieces and ending up with a 6 x 6 inch block, after 60 pieces in an 11 by 11 inch block.  
Guess it's going to have to wait though, my son is visiting from Tampa and my daughter may come over for a bit, too.  Tampa is only a couple of hours away, but with everyone's 'life' getting in the way we don't get together as often as we'd like and my son is going to be out of the country for Thanksgiving.  Happy Veteran's day everyone.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Heart Problems, Hospital, and a Few Blocks.

My husband is in the hospital, heart problems again.  I spent the night but came home this morning for  a couple of necessary errands and to shower, while home I also hurried and finished up my other 14 blocks. they were almost done when we found we needed to go to the hospital.   Just a quick picture with my iphone and I'm back on my way.   Don't really know how he's doing yet, hopefully we'll find out more today and hopefully it will be easily fixed.  He got a monitor put under his skin about a month ago, Thursday we sent the information for the first time, all was ok.  Thursday night lots of pain and some in and around his chest so he did another report and they said to go to the hospital.  Evidently at least a couple of times during the night his heart stopped, once for 4 seconds.  Evidently, he has an electrical problem.  I'll post more when I know more.
Update:  They really didn't find anything, the Dr. wanted to keep him another night so they could watch his low blood pressure, but he couldn't stand anymore and pretty much refused.   So, we are home and he's snoring away enjoying a nap. 

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Change of Pace

My granddaughter took this today.  I think that she is very talented, and it goes without saying that  my great-grandchildren are adorable.  Guess which one had to be bribed with marshmallows.
My oldest grandson is getting married this Friday and a couple of days ago I realized that I have gold and black heels, but somewhere along the lines I must have given away my black and my gold bags.  Yesterday I made a trip to Joann's (which was nice as while out I had lunch with my grandson and his soon to be wife) and tried to find something dressy that would go ok with both colors, as I think I'll wear black for the rehearsal dinner and gold for the wedding reception.   My daughter was in the same boat, I thought if she wanted I'd try to make her one too, so I came home and cut them out and today has been pretty much dedicated to making the bags.   They aren't tiny, but they are much smaller than my regular bag. 

Just in case I can fit my stuff in here, I went ahead and did lots of pockets, I need those.

They are about 12" tall and 10" wide and 4" deep.   Tomorrow is dedicated to hemming my husband's pants, cutting his hair, coloring my hair washing and getting things ready.   The wedding is only about 45 minutes away, but with my husband's poor health it seemed wise to stay at the hotel nearby to the wedding venue.   He can only stand short periods without putting his feet up.   They are quite swollen.