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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Holiday Placemats

I made my daughter a set of 8 reversible placemats.  My house used to be holiday central, but it seems to have shifted to her house.  I hope that they are used and enjoyed. 

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Spur of the Moment Unmatching Placemats

I had kind of had it in my mind to make mug rugs ever since I saw some with piano keys (sorry, I can't remember which blog I saw them on).   The husband of our friends who are coming to visit  plays a keyboard, probably as interested in his music as we are in our quilting.   It was obviously challenging for me to get the black keys even.  I ended up with placemats, they are about 14 x 20 inches.  Kind of big for mug rugs and I decided for time sake to use orphan blocks, can you tell. 

The backs however, are all matching.  Just a solid fabric, but I think I would call them reversible.  Pretty fast not that good job.  I decided yesterday afternoon to make them, and finished about 20 minutes ago.  It's about 4:40am now.  I did take a few hour rest in the middle.  
Kim of Kim's Big Quilting Adventure is doing Scrap Basket Sunday, so if you'd like to see some scrappy projects go here .
She also asks what constitutes a scrap to us.  In this case, it was leftover orphan blocks and bits and pieces.  Also, leftover bindings, but I must confess that I went to yardage this time for the backs as time was an issue.