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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Easy Street is Finished

I misfigured the back and had to add another strip longwise and depthwise, but I think it made things a bit more interesting, not that anyone will see it.   I bought 3 sets of flannel sheets a while back, flannel sheets in these three colors and have used them almost up now.  Just a couple of little pieces left.  I got some new flannel sheets recently and they'll do for my Throwing up Scraps (Scrap Vomit) and my replacement Scrappy Lattice.  May have enough for a couple more from them, too.  (Doesn't everyone keep shoes in their nightstands.)

I wanted to wash it and then put it on the bed, but went out to lunch with some of the family, so this is before washing, it's in the washer now.   It'll shrink a few inches, but will still be plenty big enough.

From the other side of the bed, it shows a bit more of the pattern.   Not exactly a perfect fit for my Easy Street, but it was what I had at the time. 

From the other side, I think I like it. 

Lots to fold over at the top, which I like.   My quilting was worse than usual I think, but it's done and the galloping horse rule applies.  
Oh-oh, quilting this monster gave me an urge to make a table topper.  I may have to make one with a spring theme to fit the drop leaf table my brother made me, that could mean another hidden wells.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Back to Basting

It's huge.  I had to make a day of it, the first thing I discovered was I had made the back too small.

One down and 3 to go.  I have 2 large lap sized quilts and another giant one even bigger than this.  I haven't decided yet whether to have a basting orgy and get all 4 done, or to get this one quilted first.  If so, I can do the label on my scrappy lattice, wash it, and have it ready for my friends.  I think I just talked myself into plan B.   I'm supposed to get 2 king sized flannel sheet sets tomorrow that I ordered from ShopNbc.  Quite a deal, nice heavy 100% cotton flannel for about 39 dollars and change including shipping for a whole king sized set, which means yards and yards of fabric. 

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Easy Street Top Without Borders And With Borders, too.

It does look better in person, using my iphone, and poor lighting, but my constant doesn't show up too much and my scrappy is too scrappy.  I think when it is finished though that it will be pretty on the bed, and that is what I want it for is a bed quilt.
My design wall (piece of flannel) isn't very big as you can see.  I had to tape the corner to the other closet door and it is hanging on the floor.  

I wanted to see how it fits on my queen sized bed so far.

As you can see, without borders it is hanging pretty nicely down the sides.  I think that with the borders it will be ok on the sides even after quilting and washing. 

It hangs nicely on both sides and the bottom, but is only to the top of the mattress on the top side.  I like tucking length, so i will probably add something extra to the top and the bottom for extra length. 
Sunday 01-06-13  I got my borders added.  This is the top and bottoms, with a 1", 4" scrappy piano key, 2", and 6 " borders. 

The sides just have the 2" and 6" borders.  The binding will be the brown with blue flowers that is in the center bottom full brown square.  Now to do the binding and put this aside for awhile while I catch up on other things quilty and not quilty.  
For more Easy Street progress visit Bonnie's Quiltville here.
As always the mystery is one of the highlights of the season, Bonnie never disappoints.  Thank you to Bonnie for another wonderful mystery and lovely pattern.  

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Easy Street Blocks.

Thursday 01-03-13   I've finished all the blocks for my Easy Street.   I got to wondering how it would look if it was set straight.     The lighting was terrible, hopefully, it will look better in better lighting.  

Friday 01-04-13   The small half assembled, the large half is partially assembled.  Tomorrow, with any luck I will finish my top except for the borders.   I'm not loving it, I may have gone too scrappy, and made some poor choices.  There's still hope though. 

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Working Along on Step 8 of Easy Street

Sixteen Blocks all stacked up and waiting to be sewn.  I decided to use the same yellow print on all my block centers, I was looking for a yellow with pizzazz, like a bright yellow Fairy Frost or such, but didn't have any in my smallish stash, this was the best I could do. 

I had to finish one block A this morning just to see.  This is a block A, one of the 4 triangles, and 2 of the 16 triangles.  Sometime while I was getting to this point I got a glimpse of my blues and thought that reminds me of Blue Willow or Blue Danube, or some of the blue and white dish patterns that I love.  Then I thought yes, this is what I was going for, shabby chic, sort of.  But, alas, I was lying to myself,  I didn't have that much forethought, but this small sample is giving me hope that that is what I'll end up with, and I think I'm liking it.  It remains to be seen if my cream Fairy Frost was a mistake that won't show up at all.  I hope not.                                                                                     

The other 15 A blocks sewn into strips, pinned and ready to be blocks.

Monday, December 31, 2012

Step 7 Easy Street

It's been a very busy day.  We had a few other things to do, and I still finished up 6 Scrap Vomit blocks and clue 7 of the Bonnie Hunter Easy Street mystery.  They aren't perfect, but they are done.  I signed up for another mystery too, and I didn't get to it yet, but I plan too.  Also, the first block of the Sugar Block Club is out tomorrow, but I have a month to do that one.   Getting ready to meet my daughter to hear 2 of the grandsons play out New Years Eve in their band.  Only going to be there a little while, but it's been years since I left the house on New Year's Eve.    

Friday, December 28, 2012

Easy Street Part 6

We had an appointment today for a medical test for my husband, when we got there they couldn't do it as his levels weren't good enough.  I did stop by Joanns though and picked up 3 more white and blue fabrics to try to get  little more variety.  My husband has been sleeping since we got home, so I've been sewing and now step 6 is ready to go. 

Hopefully, in a little while it will look like a work of art and not 'parts is parts' (from an old commercial). 

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Crisco Turkeys or Something Else?

I got to thinking as I was trimming and pressing, are these "fat in the can" turkeys, or little houses with mismatched roofs?  It is Easy "Street", after all.
I'm glad that Bonnie is keeping these steps simple.  I've started my Scrap Vomit (I know, not a pretty name) and it is giving competition to my Easy Street mystery.  Now this step is done, if all stays ok with my husband's health, I can work on SV for awhile.  I have 16 blocks done out of 49, and I've decided to work in sections instead of rows this time, so hopefully I'll have a section sewn together soon.  
As usual, visit Bonnie here for more Easy Street progress reports. 

Friday, December 14, 2012

Easy Street Part 4

When I went to get my EZ Angle ruler out I found a Quilt in a Day Flying Geese ruler that I have never used and forgot that I had.   Since I had done such a poor job on my previous flying geese I decided to give it a try.  I think my results were good, but it was more labor intensive. 

Probably about half done here.   I think if we make more I'll go back to the EZ angle and just try to do a better job. 

They are cute little things.  I was thinking while I was trimming that my father always said he'd been "where the wild goose goes" when he'd go off in the afternoon.  I don't think any of us ever found out where that was, maybe not even my mother, lol, but I think that if the geese show up well in the quilt mine won't be "Easy Street", it'll be "Where the Wild Goose Goes" for my father.   It's a shame that it's such girly colors, but I don't know that I enjoy making them enough to make another quilt with a lot of geese.

The browns look nice by themselves, hopefully they'll play nice with the yellows, pinks and blues.

They stacked up nicely. 
All my parts so far.  I don't even try to imagine how it will go together as I don't doubt but what I'd be wrong.  I imagine from previous mysteries that some of this could go in the borders.  Hmmm, guess we'll know in a couple of weeks or so.
If you can't wait for step 5 and love seeing people's Easy Street progress, you'll want to go here and check out all the blog entries at Bonnie's Quiltville link-up.  

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Easy Street - Step 3 Finished

I started out with my scraps and then with my 1/2 yard or less pieces, and hardly had to go to yardage, just for the white with blue. 

Parts is parts (flashback to Burger King commercial), and these are all my Easy Street parts so far.  I may have to call mine easy money as that's what I always think first and then have to correct myself.   It doesn't fit though, no green.  Easy Street doesn't fit too well either, there hasn't been much of that around here lately.    Step number 3 is in the box.  
To see the progress that others have made go here to Bonnie's Quiltville blog.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Easy Street - Part 2

I have some extras, good thing as a few are pretty darn wonky.  This picture is more true to the colors than the one below, for some reason it is very washed out.   I still have to cut my rectangles, and then this step will be in the bag (or box in my case). 

Not sure why this is so washed out, I tried it with and without the flash.  Without is better, but not good.  If this was true to colors, it would be a very pale quilt.  

12/03 Monday
Wow, my granddaughter came over today for me to help her with a bag and a wallet, and so I didn't get a very early start to add to Bonnie's step 2 Easy Street Linky, and I'm number 143.  When I went to look I was so happy to actually have one of my quilts on Bonnie's blog.   Sharyn, from KalamaQuilts Annual Quiltville Mystery had mentioned on Quiltvillechat that I had done several of Bonnie's quilts and it started a discussion of who had done the most.  I was far from winning, but it did get my quilt pictured.  
The picture above is the bag that I mostly made, and the wallet that my granddaughter, Tabbie mostly made.  tomorrow she's coming back and I'm helping her with a Georgia Bulldog quilt she's making.  It's such fun to sew with the girls in the family, a real treat.
Oops, my original intention was to direct you to Bonnie's linky, but I got so excited telling about my granddaughter and my quilt that I forgot.  Here it it.  

Friday, November 23, 2012

Started on Step 1 "Easy Street"

My twosies are ready, if I figured right this is enough with a few extras, if I figured wrong it'll be back to cutting and sewing strips.  I just realized when I was trying to label this that I previously had done a post on it, but I had it as "Easy Money" instead of "Easy Street".  I think I've been watching too many crime shows on TV.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Easy Money Colors

I ordered some clearance fabric from Hancock of Paducah and from Connecting Threads and the Hancock order came today.  The blue and whites, the top two browns and the ivory on the right are my new fabrics.  I am still trying to decide whether to use my original plan of gold-yellows or to go with greens.  These fabrics may or may not end up in the mix, as before I go to these I'll go to my scraps and smaller pieces, this was just 'to see'.  Opinions welcome.