Sunday, October 2, 2011

Yet Another Gator Quilt

My son-in-law loves the Florida Gators and so does my new granddaughter.  My daughter wanted to do something extra nice for Christi's Christmas this year, so I think you can guess what she came up with.  Yesterday we got everything cut out, and today after some machine problems she sewed and sewed.  Here is the result, a top complete except for the borders.  I wanted her to be in the picture, but she said she didn't have makeup on, so she is holding up her creation.  We are under a time restraint as we start training this coming Wednesday for our new jobs, and she is going to have different hours and different days off (after training) from mine.  We will have to work something out.  Also, Christi will be here for Thanksgiving, but not Christmas, so that also means hurry every chance you get.