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Thursday, July 17, 2008

More Gnomes

Today was haircut day, and then as I had ordered two "hen and chicks" plants
(Echeveria) I needed to get a pot to plant them in. I had gotten a little gnome on a nail for my avacado tree pot, and liked it so decided to go to Target as that is where they came from. Fortunately, when I got there they had their gnomes for 75 percent off (yeah), and they were out of gnomes on a nail, but they did have mushrooms on a nail (also 75 percent off), so I got two, one for my ginger, and one for my hen and chicks.

I have two other gnomes with a gardening theme, so decided to get these two with the birdwatching theme. These remind me of my father-in-law, who passed away about 7 years ago. He was a real nature boy, and loved his garden and the birds. I was quite happy, as I got forty-eight dollars worth for twelve dollars. I would definitely say that my screened in porch has a gnome theme now.
I have a brown thumb, but am getting a little proud of myself, as I have kept my lucky bamboo alive and thriving for about a year and a half, my orchid for about 3 months, and grew my avacado tree from a seed and have kept it alive for about a year now. I hope that I have good luck with my new plants, too. Hey, it's a beginning.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Key Rings and Gnomes and Giveaway

I hardly ever go on the back porch lately, as it is so hot, and it is so hard to get out the sliding glass door. We have 3 locks, and a rod, I guess we are security conscious or else neurotic. We don't live in a crime ridden area, but we like to be secure. Anyway, while I was out there watering my avacado tree (which I grew from a seed), I thought that I might as well take a picture of my new gnome that I got at Target yesterday on sale. I have another big one on the porch that I call John, the one in the planter is little John, and I am calling the new one Sean. John is after my father-in-law, who loved to garden and anything 'nature'. Sean is standing on top of the pot that my avacodo tree was in before we repotted it, and unfortunately the little tree isn't showing up too well, and I cut off it's top.
While I was out there, I looked up and noticed that I was being watched, so I took a picture of my visitor. The round circle thing on the left is a golfing contraption that my husband bought and never used much. It was supposed to help you have a perfect swing.

On Lynette Anderson Designs she got a new key ring, very pretty in the shape of a strawberry, and she is asking for pictures of others and then is having a giveaway of a new 'woof' pattern. The first picture is of a gift key chain from my son's youngest son Kevin, and a gift key chain from my son Robert and his wife Brenda. The second is a key chain with a flashlight that my mother 'won' at the casino. I can't understand the love of gambling, but she enjoyed her times at the casino, and so I'm glad that she had something exciting in her life. The last is my 'Hold to the Rod' key chain. It is not pretty, but it has religious significance and meaning. You can read it a little, I think.