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Thursday, July 9, 2009

New Vacuum Cleaner

A few months ago I decided I needed a new vacuum my old Kirby was about 25 years old and getting pretty raggedy plus I wanted a canister so that I could get to some things better and have more versatility without having to change back and forth to the Kirby hose. I had had a canister when we were first married and enjoyed it for a short time.
I read all the reviews that I could find, and they were almost all good for the model of my choice, but a few people mentioned that it was "heavy". I thought how heavy can it be it should be fine, and also it had a good dust filter which my Kirby didn't so maybe my house would be less dusty. When I had gotten my first of 2 Kirby's, a friend from our church was starting out selling Electrolux and he wanted to come give us a demonstration for experience. He said he'd wanted to try something so he put the hose on my Kirby and put the 2 hoses together and was quite happy when his vacuum sucked my Kirby bag flat. It must have impressed me too, because I still remember after all these years and decided that if I was getting a canister I'd prefer an Electrolux.
I worked with a lady who always said, "Horses sweat, men perspire and ladies glisten." Well, I guess I'm no lady because when I vacuum with my new machine it sure feels like I'm sweating. I do about 1 room, and it is dripping down my face and off my hair. A rest, and then 2 more rooms and another wet paper towel. So on until I've finished our relatively small home. We keep the air conditioner on too. I told my husband that it is harder work than mowing the yard and I'll use it as long as I'm strong enough because it must be good for me. I do a lot more up and down, getting under and behind, and dusting this and dusting that, so maybe eventually our house will be less dusty and I will only "glisten".
PS Thank goodness for Ibuprofen, because today I'm just a little stiff.