Thursday, October 23, 2014

Aurora Lee's Quilt

Aurora's baby quilt is finally finished.  She will be six months soon, it's about time.

Her mama, Tabitha, was saying that she had a lot of flannel receiving blankets that she wasn't sure what to do with. I asked if she'd like to use them for the back, so that's what we did.  She brought over ten, and I used parts of all of them.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Miscellaneous Catch-Up

I haven't been blogging much, but I have made a few things, and now am working on a great-grandbabies baby quilt.  This was an afghan for her mother.  It started out to be a leftover yarn quilt, but turned into 3 quilts of similar colors, as my daughter requested afghans for a friends children.

This is for her four year old.  It's a lot bigger than she is, so should do her for several years.

This is for the 6 year old.  I didn't get a picture of it finished, but this is a little more than half.

We made a rare trip for us, due to my husband's health situation.  We stayed with family, and so I brought gifts.  This is the front and back of placemats I made, 6 each for 2 SIL's.  The front is my favorite, Fairy Frost, and I used neutrals, as I didn't know their color themes.  I used a tutorial from aquiltinglife blog.   I also made them each a Fairy Frost bag, with lots of pockets, but didn't get pictures.  They can pretty much afford most of what they would like, so I hope they like them enough to use them occasionally.  I didn't have time to make quilts from scratch, so one got my Roll Roll Sunshine River (Roll Roll Cotton Boll), and the other got my Christmas quilt

I started this one with leftover yarn also, but then went to Hobby Lobby for more.  It's relaxing to crochet and watch TV.  This one isn't for anyone, just in reserve, I guess.

I decided to do Bonnie's mystery again this year.  Last years Celtic Solstice was less than stellar, due to my poor color choices, so this year, I decided to use Bonnie's colors, but not go scrappy.  I bought these from Thousands of Bolts, and I don't think that I did too badly on the colors, since I was choosing based on price and from the little internet pictures.  Using yardage should make the cutting process easier, too.