Sunday, June 27, 2010

Life Goes On

My husband, Ernie, was in the hospital almost a week, and has been out now for about 3 weeks and for the most part doing well. We have stayed busy with doctor's appointments and therapy for his hand, and I'm sure that will be going on for a while more (he has 3 new doctor's now). Life has pretty much returned to normal though, thank goodness. Thank you for all the prayers and good wishes on our behalf.
My daughter and her fiance, her daughter and his two daughters are going on a short vacation next month, so she and I made tote bags for each of them to take with them. We went to Walmart and they had this light blue denim fabric on sale for $1.50 a yard so we bought the 11 yard bolt and still have some left. We didn't use any pattern, just winged it using a tote bag that I had made a few years ago as a guide. They are nicer than they look in the picture, completely lined in the same fabric and with inside pockets, too. All the pockets are lined in pretty coordinating fabrics, and the straps are a nice length, long enough to put on the shoulder, but short enough to carry by hand. We also velcroed the tops, so no spillage is what we aspired to accomplish. My daughter is a single mom with 6 children and so hasn't had time to sew for many years, I really enjoyed making these with her and hope that she enjoyed it too. I hope that she enjoyed sewing again enough that maybe we can make something else together.
My wish is that these bags will be enjoyed by all on their trip, and that they help with bonding in a small way. Hopefully, they will enjoy each other and these will be a little happy reminder of their trip.

P.S. DD's dad and fiance are both Ernie's.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Quitting Blogging for Awhile

It's been a long week or so. My husband, Ernie, had a small stroke last Tuesday and was in the hospital until Thursday. The results of the stroke were a numb right hand and some numbness in his mouth. It is improving and hopefully will be back almost as good as new. His platelets were very low when they let him out, and unfortunately they got even lower and he was readmitted on Sunday. It has been up and down, and may be a process to get his bone marrow back to making his platelets and red and white blood cells. They are all very low, and at this time he is getting transfusions through his IV. He is up and about and I'm sure will be fine, but at this time I am quitting blogging indefinitely, just too much going on. I've been spending the nights and days at the hospital and am a bit tired myself, so if this is disjointed I apologize.