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Friday, October 31, 2008

Twisting Turning Twenty (Twelve)

One more top done. I never thought I would have any surplus of tops, but now that I am planning to quilt them myself, I have three. This is my Twisting Turning Twelve, and since I have 8 blocks left, I've decided to do another one from the same book, but different than I had decided on before. I wanted a different look, so I am adding 4 blocks that are predominantly pink and brown based, and then am going to do the pattern where the blocks are cut into fours and put 'artfully' (I hope) back together. Sort of like a Disappearing 9 patch, but with the Turning Twenty block instead. Then I will have 4 tops and my plan is to baste them using the Sharon Schamber method using the boards, and quilt them on my Juki. So far I have quilted one small quilt, and maybe when I finish these 4, I will be more confident and proud of my results. I've pretty much given up on the thought of doing any quilts for Christmas gifts, instead I will finish the ones I had planned and just give them as I finish them. Not ideal, but less pressure.
This quilt is about half oriental fabrics, and I was trying to think of a name for it that would reflect that, but so far no light bulbs. It may just have to keep it's generic name of Twisting Turning Twelve.
The weather here is beautiful. We are having unseasonably cool weather, and it is sunny and mild and such a nice change from hot. It will be ideal for any trick or treaters who make it out. Last year we only had about a handful, and had lots of candy left so this year we just bought one big bag. Hope we don't get a surprise and have lots of them this year and not enough candy.
Happy Halloween, everyone!