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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Preperation for Pay it Forward

If you read my blog, you probably have noticed that I stick pretty much to easy, and that's ok, but for Pay it Forward I would like to try something a little different. The little quilt below is about 13 inches by 15 inches, and is from a book that I got by Debbie Mumms. It is appliqued Easter eggs, and is the only applique that I have done to this point (except for a little heart on the back of a quilt that I accidently made a hole in). I think it's kind of cute, but I decided that I needed a little more knowledge.
Today I checked out the website for our LQS and they were having several classes, one of which is for the little block below. It is part of a quilt that they are doing a block a month, but I only have to do the one block if I want to. I think that if it turns out nicely, it might be an idea for the Pay it Forward, if not, at least I will have a little more knowledge and hopefully will have enjoyed my class.

We bloggers sacrifice for our blogs. My DH is always getting onto me about climbing on stools and chairs and such, and I'm glad he wasn't home tonight. I have a little ladder about 2 feet high, and when I was trying to get the Easter egg quilt off the top shelf of the closet I took a tumble and things were flying everywhere. I broke the bottom shelf on one of my bookcases, but luckily not any bones. I'm dreading what might ache tomorrow though.