Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Bits and Pieces

I didn't blog these finishes, but since I've had so few, I'll go ahead and do it now.  These 2 Christmas quilts were finished the end of 2016.  This one for my bed, and the other for my daughters.  I did have 3 queen beds, but since the move I only have 1, the others are upstairs being used by my daughter and her kids, so I don't need as many quilts anymore.  This is my Santa Quilt

This is the Christmas Rail Fence, which I gave to my daughter.  It is finished, but of course, this is a picture of the flimsy.  

I've also made a slew of afghans of different sizes, but they all look similar to these.  I enjoy crocheting while I watch TV, and this is a relatively mindless pattern.  They are all the "I Love This Yarn",  from Hobby Lobby, it is luxuriously soft.

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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Redone - Redone - Redone - Redone Sewing Room

I know most of us have sewing rooms that are works in progress, but this one has been a struggle.  I feel ashamed of myself, as I know many don't have this much room, and I didn't for many years, but in my last home I had a larger area and it was by itself, not the first thing you see as you come in from the front foyer.  We inherited the baby poop colored paint from the last people who owned the home, that should be a priority for myself, to paint a brighter more cheerful color.  My last redo usurped a little more area from the dining room, I wanted my quilting in a corner to help support the quilts, and my sewing machine facing so that I could see the TV.  Oh well, we don't use the dining room all that much.  This is officially a formal living room, but is now my sewing room.

It is also my office, you can see my desk.  The door is the door to the foyer.  The large dark cupboard I bought second hand after we moved in.  I needed the storage, and it is also a small not very effective design wall.  You can see the hooks on the front, and they extend around the sides.  There is a big window, but no overhead light, so the lighting isn't too excellent.  I'm still working on that.

This door goes into the family room, which is now our living room.  The rolling kitchen table behind the dog I also purchased since we moved in.  It is now my cutting table and extra storage.  I also have a small closet on the other side of the door, which is an under the stairs type.  I think even though I have much less fabric, etc., than many, maybe I have too much, as I have taken over that closet and also part of the laundry room for my sewing storage.

Another acquisition, this one was not a charge.  It is a nice dresser that I have turned into an ironing table, and again more storage.  The door is another view of the foyer door.  It is a single family private home, but there are locks as the upstairs can be a separate residence, it has a small kitchen, small living room, bathroom and 4 nice sized bedrooms.  My daughter, 2 of her kids and  2 of her grandchildren live up there.

Here is a view of my poor encroached upon dining room.  

Finally a Little Quilting

I'm one of the bloggers who has disappeared for awhile due to life changes.  I have been doing a little quilting lately though, and have 3 finishes to show for my time.  I didn't get a picture of this one finished, it is finished though.  It is an unusual baby quilt, but his mama wanted a star wars themed quilt.  The dog is mine, she is 4 years old now, but we have only had her for a few months.  

This is another unusual baby quilt.  I had made his big (4 years old) brother a Marvel Super Hero quilt, and since they are sharing a room, I went ahead and made baby brother a similar one.  I tried to baby it up a little.  Their family just closed on their first home last week, so hopefully it will get good use and add to the decor.

And, the very plain back.

Before moving into their new home, my grandson and his family stayed with friends for almost 4 months.  They are a family of 5, 6 if you count the dog, and since that seemed to be a very awesome help to them, I thought their friends deserved a huge thank you.  I had made these blocks a couple of years ago as part of Angela's Rainbow Scrap Challenge, so I sewed them into a quilt and sent it to them.

My granddaughter-in-law said that she cried, it was her very first quilt.

She was comparing the fabrics in her quilt to some that she had seen in the kids quilts.

She has 2 cats, so for you ladies who love your furry felines, here are a couple pictures of hers enjoying her new quilt.  She is a veterinarian, so you know she loves her furbabies.