Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Finally a Little Quilting

I'm one of the bloggers who has disappeared for awhile due to life changes.  I have been doing a little quilting lately though, and have 3 finishes to show for my time.  I didn't get a picture of this one finished, it is finished though.  It is an unusual baby quilt, but his mama wanted a star wars themed quilt.  The dog is mine, she is 4 years old now, but we have only had her for a few months.  

This is another unusual baby quilt.  I had made his big (4 years old) brother a Marvel Super Hero quilt, and since they are sharing a room, I went ahead and made baby brother a similar one.  I tried to baby it up a little.  Their family just closed on their first home last week, so hopefully it will get good use and add to the decor.

And, the very plain back.

Before moving into their new home, my grandson and his family stayed with friends for almost 4 months.  They are a family of 5, 6 if you count the dog, and since that seemed to be a very awesome help to them, I thought their friends deserved a huge thank you.  I had made these blocks a couple of years ago as part of Angela's Rainbow Scrap Challenge, so I sewed them into a quilt and sent it to them.

My granddaughter-in-law said that she cried, it was her very first quilt.

She was comparing the fabrics in her quilt to some that she had seen in the kids quilts.

She has 2 cats, so for you ladies who love your furry felines, here are a couple pictures of hers enjoying her new quilt.  She is a veterinarian, so you know she loves her furbabies.



The Joyful Quilter said...

What a wonderful gift that Scrappy Trips quilt made!! Thanks for sharing photographic evidence of the joy of the recipient.

Jean said...

Welcome back. Good to see your beautiful quilts again.

Lynn said...

That's a beautiful quilt - love the shot of the recipient sprawled out admiring it. Came across your blog from Soscrappy. Thanks.

Chookyblue...... said...

I love seeing people so happy with a quilt........