Sunday, February 24, 2013

Table Topper No. 2 for the Year

It really is square, but it's on the back of a poufy chair.   I was almost finished with the perfect binding for the brown side, and then I remembered that it had to also go with the purple side, oh oh, back to the cream fairy frost. 

Terrible lighting, but you get the idea.  I love quilted table toppers and plan to make a few more.  I haven't even gotten to dressers and such.   Plus, there is the element of almost instant gratification compared to a large quilt.  Another thank you to Angela for her Rainbow Scrap Challenge.  The doll in the background is Sandra, named for my daughter.  They both have red hair and brown eyes.  
As you can see I'm a bit indiscriminate eclectic about colors in my decorating, as well as in my quilts.  I admit to being color challenged.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

One Top Down and More Purple for RSC

I considered myself done with purple after last week, but then when I went to Angela's blog I thought maybe I had a table topper left in me.  So, I whipped this very simple one up.

It's not finished yet, and this will be the other side when it gets its border.  I think that some of my leftover cream fairy frost will be good for both sides for a binding and then I will consider this the year round side and the lavender side for Easter.  Slowly but surely I'm adding to my table toppers.
If you'd like to see what inspired me, go here to Angela's Soscrappy.
One top down and one to go.  On the other, the panels are ready and all the borders and frames are cut.  Now on to my favorite task, not, lots of borders.

Friday, February 22, 2013

What Was I Thinking?

When my husband, Ernie, was in the hospital there was a male nurse who was particularly helpful so I told him I was making him a quilt.  Since then I had phone problems and the note that I made of his address and phone number has been lost, but just in case I can track him down I have been working on his quilt.  I don't have too much in the way of manly fabrics, so I bought a few 1/8's of a yards at the new Hobby Lobby in town, and decided that maybe a coin quilt would be simple and make my fabrics go farther.    Then I decided that if I made two of them I would have a manly quilt in reserve.  Different times I have thought that I'd like to give a male a quilt, but didn't have one made or fabrics for one for that matter.   I cut my fabric into 4 10-1/2 inch sections (I had a few pieces that were too short, but I doctored them a bit to make them 10-1/2).  Then I got a brainstorm, if I put a center panel, maybe I could get two quilts out of it.  I decided to do frames around the panels and that's where the what was I thinking comes in.  I don't like to do borders and esessentially, with the two quilts I'm doing about 10 borders.  Yuck.  This one is to the point where it needs the last border which will be the lighter brown that's between the panels.  I've got a scrappy binding ready and I'm hoping that all will turn out appealing in the end.  If I name them, I think they'll be called "Federal Currency"  Get it, coins and flags.  
Meanwhile, DH is still in the rehab facility.  I'm hoping in a few days he can come home, he is doing well except that he won't eat much and is still losing weight.  He doesn't have much appetite and the food there isn't that appealing.  I bring him food sometimes, but whether or not he will eat it is iffy.  The last few nights I've been sleeping in my own bed (heavenly) and visiting in the daytime. 
((And I'll bet some people would think I meant "what was I thinking" about my center panel, lol.  No way, I kind of like it.)) 

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Last BOM for February

I don't live in OKC I just saw it on the internet and since this seems to be my "year of the BOM" I thought I'd give it a go.  I don't think that I quite have the idea of Modern though.  

February Sugar Block Club and Craftsy BOM 2012

Not perfect, but done.  I'm not crazy about paper piecing.

Only one more block to do and then I'm working on a lap quilt for a nurse who was particularly helpful to DH in the hospital.  Guess my Easy Street and Scrap Vomit can wait a little while. 

Saturday, February 16, 2013

BOM's and DH

I didn't sew at all for almost a month, as DH went in the hospital for an ablation and ended up with open heart surgery.  After two weeks he was sent home and went back in after about three days, long story, but he spent a few more days in ICU and then a few in the regular room and this time released to rehab for an approximate one to four week stay.  I stayed with him almost 24 hours a day when he was in the hospital, but now that he is in rehab I stay with him about 12 hours a day, over night actually.  In the hospital he had a private room and there was a recliner and a love seat, in the rehab, only a straight chair and a roommate.  I stay over night, but can't sleep well there, so go home to rest.  Since I can't always rest, I have sewn.  I tried to catch up on the Rainbow Scrap Challenge first and here were my first blocks. 

Next, I did the 16 patches.

Then on to what will be either a Rainbow Scrap Bargello or a Rainbow Scrappy Trip Around the World from Bonnie Hunter's Quiltville. 

The leftover 2 1/2 inch strips will become a Rainbow Strippie Jelly Roll Race style quilt at the end.

Here's a wrap up of February's purple RSC.   Top left, possible bargello, top right, 16 patches, bottom left possible trip around the world, middle right strippie, and bottom right snowballs and nine patches.  If you want to enjoy lots of purples and maybe some pinks, go to Angela's blog, Soscrappy here.

Here is the lesson four block from the Craftsy Re-piecing the past, Civil War Blocks Then and Now class.  I didn't read the directions very well and had to do this one twice.   My blocks aren't as crooked as they seem, my design flannel is over a louvered door, and it is wavy.   My colors for this one are blue, gold, green and red.   I'm a bit color challenged, so each quilt is a big ? mark.

Another Craftsy class, this is the February lesson from the Craftsy BOM 2013.   Brown, cheddar, green and purple for this one.   I can only hope.

These two are the February blocks from the Craftsy BOM 2012.  I've made them before, but this time I'm adding them to the Sugar Block Club blocks for a queen sized quilt.  Again, they are square, but don't look it due to the wavy flannel.  Pink, gray, red and blue for this one.  I still have the Sugar Block Club and my OKC Modern Quilter's Guild block to do and then I'll be caught up on my BOM's.   Hope next month is better, but when DH comes home I guess I could be busier as it's hard to know how independent he will be.   Good news for my little town in Central Florida.  We had a Hobby Lobby open this week so now I'll have my local quilt shop, Walmart and Hobby Lobby within 15 minutes.  I know how fortunate that I am.