Sunday, February 24, 2013

Table Topper No. 2 for the Year

It really is square, but it's on the back of a poufy chair.   I was almost finished with the perfect binding for the brown side, and then I remembered that it had to also go with the purple side, oh oh, back to the cream fairy frost. 

Terrible lighting, but you get the idea.  I love quilted table toppers and plan to make a few more.  I haven't even gotten to dressers and such.   Plus, there is the element of almost instant gratification compared to a large quilt.  Another thank you to Angela for her Rainbow Scrap Challenge.  The doll in the background is Sandra, named for my daughter.  They both have red hair and brown eyes.  
As you can see I'm a bit indiscriminate eclectic about colors in my decorating, as well as in my quilts.  I admit to being color challenged.


Marie said...

Hi Candace, Your so busy with all you do. I love to see your choices of color.I sure your huby is gaining his strenghth and will be home very soon. Hugs, Marie

Anonymous said...

I love your table mat - they are so fun to make and look fantastic. Like you I want to have them all around the house. Great colours and fabrics.