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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Mail Surprise and more Springtime Sky

We received a very nice gift in the mail today, from our grandchildren and great-grandchildren in Germany.  We are in for some yummy treats.

I got my Springtime Sky (Grand Illusion) washed and on the bed.  I think it is just the size we like, some have been too big, or too small, and my husband says it doesn't make his eyes go crazy, so I think I'm good.  We have yellow drapes in the room, and I had to play with Photoshop, which I'm not too good at, so I have a variety of hues.  The two above are closest to original, but I think I like this one best.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Springtime Sky (Grand Illusion) is Done Done

It took all day, but it's done, done. I'll take a better picture, on the bed probably, after it's washed, today this was about the best I could do with the energy I had left, lol. 

And the flannel back.  I need to find my Fray Check though, I had left a safety pin in the center of the back, and only found it at the end.  I had to cut a couple threads.