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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Bodacious Beastly Borgasmord is Basted and Iphone Update

When I decided to do this pattern (Star Struck by Bonnie Hunter) I discussed it with my DH.   I said I think I'll make all the light stars one fabric, and he thought it would be better if they were scrappy.  Then I said I think I'll make all the dark stars scrappy, but each star a different color, and he thought it would be better if they were all different colors. more scrappy that way.   I agreed, and I asked him when it was laying out on the table in process of being basted what he thought.  He looked with a thoughtful look on his face and then he apologized, lol.   His ideas were sound, but as I realized before some of my darks are too light and some of my lights are too dark, those were my choices not his, so if it isn't a favorite I take responsibility.   Actually, it is growing on me and it may not be a favorite, but I think I'll like it ok, at lease the light stars are there to be seen.   It was a bear to baste, I don't know of any creases on the back, so I think it will be ok.   It was so heavy with the flannel back that I just laid it on the table (a 3 foot by 6 foot rectangle) and smoothed.  I didn't use any clips just basted what was on the table and then rearranged it 8 times and basted away.  It was an all day job, but it's done and now on to the wrestling and the quilting.  If this wasn't 'fun' it would be 'work'.
Update on Iphone:   So far, I'm loving it.  I have my texting and email set up, I've added emoticons, which are considered an international language in the settings.   I've added my favorite sites, Google Reader, Flickr , etc. to my desktop, plus a few more free apps.  I even semi-watched two movies yesterday on Netflix while I basted my quilt.  I think we are bonding just fine so far. 
PS   I even talked on it a few times and it sounded just fine.   Another biggie for me is the speaker and so far no complaints.   I think it is going to be a winner with me.
PPS   Speed dialing was something I missed even though it has the Siri (voice) and yesterday I found a $00.99 icon that gives me speed dialing.  Now, I'm really a happy camper. 

Thursday, August 9, 2012

New - Not So New - Toy

My husband got this Iphone several months ago but never bonded with it.  He has gone back to his old phone and I've changed from my Blackberry over to his 'old' iphone.  I think that I'm really going to like it.

I did splurge on one of these covers.  It is pretty and I feel so techy.  I may be a grandma, but I've always liked gadgets.