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Friday, September 14, 2012

Holland Quilt Finished

Ready to go in the washer and dryer and get clean and crinkly and then hopefully to be delivered shortly.  Hope they aren't shy about color.

The back, of course. 

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Holland Quilt Flimsy

My Holland quilt is a flimsy.  Hope they like colorful and scrappy.  I think it might be kind of fun for a little one to crawl on, lots to see.

Monday, September 3, 2012


I bought a package of embroidery patterns for the Howes quilt (the family that I'm making a quilt for) and I liked the first few so well that I decided to use the rest kind of willy nilly.   I decided to make a taggie for the baby, looked on Amazon and it seemed that the parents liked good sized ones and the most expensive ones were lined with batting.   It's about 19 x 19 inches.   I did the remaining embroideries from the pack and then started getting 'strange'.  It is made from fleece, and the odd little tail is made from velvety cottony fleece.  I wanted a handle but was afraid of danger to the baby, so I did a straight handle that is soft and feels nice.  The odd looking thing at the other end is the same fabric rolled up so that the baby can feel the outside and the inside of the fabric.  I told you it was strange.

The other side.  The odd looking half circles are satiny feeling shoulder pads that I found when looking in my dresser drawers for something to feel interesting to the baby.  Again, I didn't want to cause injury so they are secured, but the baby can put her little hands in each side.  I scrounged for what ribbons I could find and the pickings were slim.  I even resorted to 2 pieces of elastic, they filled in a spot and have a different feel.  The center has the feel of the embroideries, plus it is quilted and the borders are unquilted.  Strange, strange, I don't know if I'll get the courage to give it to them.
Maybe my time would have been better spent getting started on my Granny Square quilt, lol.

The backing fabric (a Lands End Sheet) and the label.  The blues are actually a bit darker.  
Notice I put the finish for September 2012, it shouldn't be a problem as long as the border fabrics hurry and get here from Hancock's of Paducah.
One of the four embroideries that I did for each corner of the borders. 

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Holland Quilt and Quilt of Valor Mystery Quilt-A-Long

Step 3 of Alycia Quilts, Quilt of Valor Mystery Quilt-a-Long , I can see that there will probably be some chopped off points.  Oh well, hopefully not too bad.  I'm anxious for step 4 next week.  These blocks are only 5 inches, a new low for me, lol (except when I'm working on Bonnie quilts).
I used 42-2 1/2" strips and 42-2 1/2 by 2 1/2" squares.  It turned out about 60 x 60 inches and I didn't want to make it that size so I cut off 5 inches from each side and added it to the ends.   Now to wait for the border fabric that I ordered.  Meanwhile, I'll work on the embroideries.  Hope they like eclectic scrappy.  

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Cecilia's Big Girl Quilt

It's almost reversible, the back is flannel and pieced, a moneysaver, but it takes longer.   The batting is pieced too, same thing, saves money and freed up some space in my closet, but still takes a bit longer. 
This was a fun easy quilt to make, I used the tutorial that Jean MaDan so nicely provided here.   It doesn't have quite the same impact with the hot pink as with her black, but I think it turned out cute.

The label.  The seahorses aren't quite as dark in person.  The seahorses are free embroidery designs from BFC Creations here.

I'm not too good at the floor shots.  I stood on a chair and put the camera up in the air above my head, but just couldn't seem to get everything centered.  

I thought that I was finished with the jelly roll style strippie quilts, but Sunday at church a lady gave a talk about her 2 month old baby who has been diagnosed with downs syndrome.  She quoted a story about preparing for a trip to France and then landing in Holland and not being able to go to France after all.   She said that's what the birth of her beautiful little baby girl is like,  Holland is different, but France is not better, just different.   They plan to go forward with love for their little one and enjoy the triumphs and deal with the challenges.   They don't want pity, just understanding and love and happiness from their friends and family.   Being a quilter, my mind started thinking of the Holland story.  The only fabric that I found was a little steep for my budget right now, so I thought, yet another strippy as I already have the strips, and I have ordered some border material that will have a Dutch type theme.  I also thought that I'd get some embroidery patterns, I found some nice ones already, and use them for embroidery in each outer corner of the quilt and on the label.  I think I'll make it bigger than a baby quilt so the whole family can use it.  Hopefully, they will like it.