Saturday, August 3, 2019

Christmas Project, Etc.

I'm going to have another great-grandson in a few months, this is a crib quilt for him.  His dad is a surfer and fisherman, so I thought, it's unusual, but hopefully they like it.

I had a very limited time to finish it, so it has very simple quilting, and we are in Florida, so I thought fleece with no batting would be cozy, but not too warm.

I have a project to finish 30 quilts by Christmas.  I had 4 quilts finished before I got started on the project and I may get some help, so it's not too daunting.  These are the first 10 of 26, very simple, flimsies at this point.  I have fleece for most of these, so will get quilting in the not too distant future.

A little 'cute' relief, my toy Aussie, Sunday.  

A little 'nature' relief.

Back to the quilt tops.

9 of the 10 tops finished so far.  Again, very simple, and I'm also using up a lot of my larger scraps cut into 2 1/2" strips and sewn jelly roll race style.