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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Wedding and Ruler Rack

Busy is the word that comes to mind to describe the past few days. My niece and her 7 children got here Wednesday, the day we (DH and I) went to the ball game, and the next day we did errands getting ready for the family get together on Sunday and visited twice with Kerri (my niece) and her children. Friday we did yard work and my brother and my nephew got here. His son, my nephew, stayed with my grandson and my brother stayed at my house, which is the usual way that we do things, as his son and my grandson are both 13 now, and their birthdays within a month of each other. They share many interests, including computer gaming. Saturday was my granddaughter's wedding. I don't know why, but I didn't get many pictures that day, but it was a beautiful wedding. They had it at the Melbourne, Fl. zoo, and the lodge inside was decorated beautifully. The ceremony was on the big porch in the back, and then we were back inside. She looked beautiful and very happy. There was lots of delicious food, and I think that we were eating most of the time. That's my second grandchild to marry this year, now my daughter and my son each have a married child.
My granddaughter was sweet she pointed out to me that she had made her veil, and added shiny rhinestones to the back. She thought of me when she did it, as she knows that I sew.

My brother brought my ruler rack and put it up for me. You might be able to tell that it started out life as a drawer that he was unhappy with, although it looks perfect to me. When I asked him to use it for my ruler rack, he added the 2 extra boards in the center and the notches. It is beautiful and works just perfectly. It is in my sewing room closet, so was a bit hard to photograph hanging, but I did the best I could. Boy is it nice to get my rulers in one place and off my cutting-ironing table. It's a wonder I didn't wear them out moving them back and forth from the table to the bed. Again, my brother did an excellent job, and made my life easier. I feel bad because it seems like every time he comes there are jobs at my daughter's house and my house. The same with my other brother. This time he hung the ruler rack and replaced a dimmer switch at my house, and did a brake job and replaced a radiator for my daughter's car. He isn't that healthy either, so I always try to make sure that he doesn't overdo, but I still hope that next time he can just visit and no jobs. Both of my brothers are very handy, and very sweet about helping.

Sunday, we had our family get together with my nieces family from Iowa, my son and his youngest daughter from Mulberry, Fl., one brother and his son from Brunswick, Ga., my other brother from Jacksonville, Fl. with his children from Lawtey, FL., and some of my grandchildren from Melbourne, Fl. Then of course my daughter and her family and DH and I from the Clermont, Fl. area. I did take pictures, but with my son's Nikon DSLR D90, it was fun to use, but went home with my son, of course. The thing is, sometimes he's not too good at sharing his pictures, but if he does I'll post a couple.
Oh, I forgot to mention. My brother made a cleat for the back of the ruler rack, a board with a 45 degree angle attached to the wall, and another board with a 45 degree angle attached to the rack, and then it just sits on the cleat, but is sturdy and easy to remove if necessary. It was the first time that he had tried that, but I'll bet not the last.