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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Misc. The Good the Bad, but Cute not Ugly

Oh, Happy Day!  My table finally arrived the first of the week and now it is together.  My DH has been having a bad time the last 3 weeks and then last week-end he had a bad reaction to a new muscle relaxer.  I mean, really bad.  He could hardly walk, had to have help, above and beyond the walker that he has had for the past 3 weeks, and his thinking was all jumbled up.  He thought that he needed to go to work and he has been retired for about ten years.  He was very very depressed to the point of crying, which is not like him at all, in spite of his health problems he usually keeps fairly upbeat.  Luckily, the worst hit Sunday and my daughter was able to help me and then Sunday evening when I finally didn't give him a choice and insisted on the emergency room, she came and then when they sent him home after some tests (said he was better off home since he is prone to getting an infection and home was safer) she and 3 of her grown children were there to help me get him home and settled.  It was a bad night, but Monday morning my son came (in spite of pain from dental work) and he helped me all day.  He and his father played a 6 hour game of chess, which goes to show that DH brain still wasn't over the effects, it usually takes them about 20 or 30 minutes, but DH was taking 40 minutes sometimes to decide and then he'd try something illegal.  He has always been a very good chess player, so totally not himself. 

Monday evening, I could see that he was getting better but thought that I could still use some help, so I called my brother from Jacksonville and he came Tuesday evening and stayed until Thursday morning.  By then the effects seemed to be passed thank goodness.  Meanwhile, my brother put together my new quilting table, put a light bulb in my shower where we are too short to reach, put in an electric plug for me so that I don't have to do contortions to plug in my vacuum and clean my sewing room, gassed both cars and put air in their tires, and also put new wipers on my car.  He also put in a digital antenna so that we can get local channels.  We have been using a Roku, which is great, but didn't have the news due to no local channels.

I also added this to my sewing room, it's on my quilting table set up, but will have to be moved when I quilt.  I have seen them around the web, and this one was on Craigslist, I picked it up this morning.  Aunt Polly from the link above has an awesome sewing room, see here.  Maybe, one of these days mine will be as full of goodies as hers (my carousel, not my room).   Also, while I was picking it up I noticed that we were next door to a Harbor Freight store, which I read about on different quilting forums from time to time.  It seems that they have carpet cutting wheels, which according to many fit just fine in a rotary cutter and work just as well as the much more expensive blades.  I hope that they are right, as I bought 10 packs of 2 each.  It is about a 30 minute ride and so if they work well I wanted to have enough to last.  I will be so happy to be able to change my blade more often since it will be only $1.00 for each new blade. 

Here is another of my favorite things that my brother did for me while he was here.  When I moved from the bedroom where my sewing room was, to the family room, where it is now, I really missed my ruler rack which DH has been too ill to move for me.  Ta Da, here it is and I'm loving having it in the room with me and down a little lower than it was, so that it is very very handy.  Brother's can be a wonderful thing.  My brother from Brunswick didn't come this time, he is battling health problems and with a very good attitude.  I have the best brothers ever.  By the way, the one who didn't come made my ruler rack.

I've also been working on organization.  I was trying to cut up boxes to make little mini bolts, but that is a hard job.  I read how people were buying comic book boards and so I thought I'd give it a go.  They work just as well (although I used 2 each as I am using rubber bands to hold things together and it gives more body).  Mine doesn't look so perfect as some that I have seen but after all the work I did on the cardboard, they're staying, lol.  The bottom shelf right is holiday fabrics, mostly Christmas.  I have a much smaller stash than many, but I like it that way.  I just go to the store or order on the internet when I have gaps.  The fleece on the top shelf, and the first 5 fabrics on the left on the middle shelf are for a quilt for one of my great-granddaughters.

The containers on the top hold pieces about fat and long quarter size.  The shelves have pieces about 1/3 to 5/8 of a yard.  The larger pieces go on the little bolts.

I also picked up these bins from Target to try to organize my scraps into colors, and I got an accuquilt go which I am hoping that I'll love and get lots of use from.  I got the die that came with it, the 2 1/2" strip die, and saw a really good sale and ordered the small tumbler die.  Everything was on sale, but I think that I have still shot my wad for the year.  
These are my 3 great grandbabies.  I think they are adorable.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Prior Blog Post Explanation

This is really strange, Blogger isn't liking me today.
I got permission from my granddaughter to share the previous post from her blog.  I think that it's adorable.
Her blog is here
I also got permission from my niece to share her 15 year old daughter's first quilt, it's the post prior to the one about my great granddaughter. 
PS  I had been thinking of either a SewEzi table or a Gidget II
Today, after googling like crazy, I ended up ordering this:
and getting a really good deal for it on ebay:

It was more than I had planned to spend but it looks so sturdy and it got a really good review:
I'm very excited to get it for my Juki and hope that it will make free motion easier.