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Thursday, February 1, 2018

Two More Pouches and Lots of Microwave Bowl Cozies.

Sorry, terrible lighting, but this is a Pioneer Woman placemat that I made into a pouch after watching a video on YouTube, by Lorrie Nunemaker.  I have also shared this post on Sewcanshe's Show off Saturday.  She starts the whole thing off with a really pretty mini quilt, follow my link and take a look.
A little better lighting, but really cute in person.
I can see that getting these to stay put is not going to be easy.  After making my purple and green pouch I turned my obsessive nature to microwave bowl cozies.
It fits this bowl just fine.
And this one.
However, I wanted it to fit this bowl, as it is one of my favorites, and the one that my husband and I use the most often.  It did not fit.
Still have a few more pouches and such in me, this is one I made for me to tie my purple and green items together.  As I mentioned before, I like them together.
The smaller one that I made started out 10 1/2", this one is 15 1/2".  
The large is great for this 10" pie plate.
Also, great for a large dinner plate, however, too big for my flanged soup bowl.
So...., on to a 12 1/2" start, and it is just right.  
I told my granddaughter-in-law that I was making these, and she had seen them for the first time on Pinterest that same day, and was going to ask me if I had thought of making some.  After making my 3 sizes I asked her if she would like some, and she wanted some, but didn't want to ask.  These are the 7 that I made for their family, 1 each for the 3 kids, pink for my granddaughter, and the back right is alphabet pattern for the 2 boys.  The backs are different.  The dark and light blues are for the family.  They are reversible.
The other sides of the 3 kids cozies.
And, I thought that it would be nice if they each have their own bowls, so I picked some up, 3 cups with a lid, so hopefully not too big to hold smaller amounts for their smaller appetites.