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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Two Finishes

I worked and worked and have something to show for it. Yesterday I quilted my big girl quilts and today got them bound. They are for my grand nieces Harper and Jensen and in a few days I should have their brothers quilts finished also and have them in the mail on their way to Iowa.

It's nice to finally have basting figured out and have some finishes and some more soon to be finishes. I had to fight through I can't use pins, I run over them and break needles, can't use spray glue cause my DH had pneumonia and I don't want to thread baste. Finally, I decided that I just needed to bite the bullet and do the thread basting and now even though it is rather time consuming I find that I don't mind it, and sometimes the feel of the quilt itself as I'm doing it is a pleasure.

It's a good thing that I have come to these conclusions, as I have several more tops ready to go, and I am determined to get them done and then organize my sewing room. At that point, I can go ahead with things I'd "like" to do and enjoy the whole process more.

By the way, the two quilts that I finished are 2 different versions of the Turning Twenty patterns, only I used 12 fat quarters instead of twenty and made lap quilts instead. The girls are 14 and 10, and I hope they like them.