Saturday, June 23, 2018

More Tablecloth, Puppy, and add Snap Pouches

I finished my reversible tablecloth and I'm happy with it, in spite of my wilder than desired flag.

I think I like this side best with the kitties.  The flag pattern and this kittie is from Jenny at Missouri Star Quilt Company, but I added the borders, etc on each.

How it looks in use.  I know it's tacky, but the plastic keeps it clean.
One little dog takes a lot of paraphernalia.  Our bigger dogs could pretty much stay in one spot, but she was here there and everywhere in the car, in spite of seat belts, etc.

We got the crate because as she's a rescue from a puppy mill, we thought it might make her feel more secure, but so far she only goes in to retrieve food if we put it in there.

We got the stroller because she's small and might get stepped on, but also she is aggressive if she gets afraid, and we don't want her to bite anyone.  Even that tiny mouth and little teeth can put a hurting on you if she is able to get a grip.

This was another attempt at making her happy when in the car, and also to keep her safe at the vet's.  Some of the big dogs that come in muzzled, don't stay that way, and she would be easy prey.

She liked to lay on a pillow beside my rocking recliner, and I was afraid she might get rocked on, either a head or leg, so I got a little wooden crate from Lowe's, removed a slat on one side, spray painted it, and now she's still happy, but not in danger of a mushed head.
All that for one little dog.  I think we have it covered now.  
When I made the Kittie side of my tablecloth I prepared 2 1/2" strips and I way overdid.  I had enough left to make 28 of these scrappy centers.  I made 4 each of these 2 colors.  
A friend gave me a bag of fabric, so as a thank you, I decided to make her some placemats.

This is the back.  I got the yellow and this fabric from Hobby Lobby, it was half price and from Michael Miller.  I liked that it is happy, but subdued.  They had other combinations, but they were more spring or Easter.  These I think are pretty much year round.

I have a helper to give me assistance with my sewing now.

Her husband had the pouch with the money and it is wearing out.  On a recent trip to New Orleans, they got fabric (quite a bit) to make new ones.  This is my prototype, still waiting to hear if he likes it.

This is the fabric that he purchased.  I think, ten fat quarters.  
My first one, my prototype.  Hope he likes it.

I made 8 of the placemats.  She has a fairly large family.

The backs.  I will be sharing this with SewCanShe's , Show Off Saturday.

Saturday, June 9, 2018

Puppies and Tablecloths

My husband recently had pneumonia and because of that and previous issues he’s on oxygen 24/7 now. He has about 45 feet of tubing so that he can move around in the house, and because of that and his unsteadiness our dog was a problem for him through no fault of her own.  She is back with my niece and still happy and loved.  She is almost 40 pounds and we thought maybe a small dog would be less scary for my husband. I looked at adoptapet online and there was a toy Aussie who was my sweet Callie’s Mini-me.  Only 12 pounds.  I checked into it and about 2 weeks ago we adopted her from the rescue. She was from a puppy mill,so she has some issues.  She’s super sweet to my daughter and I, but can be aggressive to everyone else.  She’s mostly house trained and pretty well behaved.  She needs work, but is improving.

40 pound Callie, with her kittie buddy.

Her 12 pound mini-me, Sunday.
Callie, is a standard Australian Shepherd, and Sunday, is a toy Australian Shepherd, 5 years old.

As far as sewing goes, I haven't accomplished much.  I decided that I'd make a reversible tablecloth for my kitchen table, and this, with it's added borders will be one side.  I have  3 more borders to do.

This will be the other side, so I'll have summer and fall.  I will add about 10 inches all around to this and I've decided to do a scrappy log cabin style.  Just haven't decided if I'll do scrappy as far as leaving the colors all together or separate the colors and  do a side of each around the center.  The table is about 30 x 48 inches and I think that I'll use flannel for my batting.  

I love crepe myrtle.
I am going to link up with SewCanShe's Show Off Saturday.