I'm too late for the linky party at The Tilted Quilt, but I thought I'd post my sewing machines.  I'm often curious about what equipment people have.  This is my 'new' approximately 25 year old Bernina 1130, it's the machine that I use mostly for piecing and general sewing.

My Janome 350E, it's machine embroidery only. 

My Bernina 830, I had given it to my daughter, but it was having a hard life, so I got it back had it serviced and now when she sews she has a good running machine to use.   I get her over here every now and then. 

My Juki TL98Q.  I use this pretty much just for free motion and it has paid for itself a time or two compared to sending the quilts to a longarmer.  It's in my Sew Perfect table, which I like very much.  The little bottle was from maple syrup at Cracker Barrel, I always thought they were too cute to throw away so I ran it through the dishwasher twice and use it for discarded needles. 

My Janome Jem Platinum, a nice little machine, but not used too much as I never go anywhere to sew.   I thought I would. 

My featherweight, not in perfect shape by any means, but it does work.  I need to get it off the bookcase and try to sew with it. 
I recently became interested in vintage machines other than featherweights (they are just so darned cute), and so a few months ago, I purchased my 301 from Craigslist.
Then, a little over a month ago I purchased my 401 from Craigslist.  PS  Downsizing, gave to my Grandaughter-in-law, Marcy.

A couple of weeks ago, my 185.  I think I need to stay away from Craigslist.  As is usual for these, my base has collapsed inside, so I ordered a wooden base off etsy.  Can't wait to get it.   PS  Downsizing, gave to my nephew Bob and his then girlfriend Chantel.

My brother, who passed away this year, was quite a bargain hunter and purchased this because he thought my featherweight was so cute.  I hope that he didn't pay full price.  He gave it to me when he was on hospice, and knew that he wouldn't be around to clean it up, and knew I would appreciate it.  I plan to spruce it up.  It has sentimental value.  PS  Downsizing, sold at the garage sale.

I don't use my serger much, and didn't feel like setting it up for a picture, but I will need to set it up soon to do some towel repairs.  It is between 25 and 30 years old. 

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