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Saturday, November 4, 2017

A Little Brown and Black

I just added pink to the Rainbow Scrap Challenge last night, so I'll go from being very late, to being early.  As I explained last night, I did 72 slab blocks for a queen sized quilt, to be finished in a few months, and it includes these 7 browns.  

And, 7 blacks also.  My blocks don't ever seem to be purist though, almost anything goes as long as there is some of the desired color.  I also consider gray to be black. Maybe I'm color blind and don't know it.

I finished 2 more baby quilt flimsies, not too much of a stretch, as it was only one border on this one.

This one was finished today too, and it was just 3 borders.  Panels sure hurry up the process.

I have been trying to use up fabric and scraps, and made the mistake of looking at the Marshall's Dry Goods site after receiving their email.  I fell in love with these golden fabrics, I love bling.  There is also one of the Christmas balls with a black background.  I was bad and ordered a yard of each, and then needed to decide what to do with them.

I found this quilt on and fell in love with it.  I can see the different golds in the blocks, with 4 of the
motifs inserted into them, and a pretty red metallic fabric for the sashing.  It's her Mondrian Inspired Quilt Pattern

Friday, November 3, 2017

Hurry, Hurry Post

I have less than an hour for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge October, pink.  These are slab blocks, 7 of 72 that I made for a queen sized quilt from my scraps.  I'm putting it aside for a little while now, but will be back to it in the next three or four months, I hope.

7 each of these colors to go toward the 72 blocks for the queen sized quilt.

And, likewise these.

7 of each color group, except for the aqua, only 2 of them.
My high tech method of quilt planning.

Yesterday I cut out several baby quilts, this was one that I started with 3 orphan blocks.  Everything from scraps or fabrics I already had, except for 1/2 yard of the Tinkerbell fabric. 

You can probably tell from this close-up why this was an orphan block.

I sewed together 2 of the baby quilts today, this was the other one.  It is a little odd, it was actually a panel to make bags out of, but I decided to do a baby quilt instead.  It would have been even odder if I had used the other little motif picture of bras and panties.  Hopefully, there is a mom who would like a girly-girl baby quilt.

This is a baby boy fishing quilt panel that I've had for years, Thimbleberry, I believe.  I cut it out yesterday, also.

And the only one that I had to buy the fabrics for, for my great-grandson.  My granddaughter decided to do the kids shared room with Minnie and Mickey.