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Friday, May 3, 2013

Good Times

It's back to normal life now, our friends have come and gone and we had a lovely visit.  We ate, relaxed by the lake, ate some more, went to SeaWorld, and ate and ate.  We did get in a little sewing, we ladies both made little Scotty dogs while the guys visited, but I have to admit that hers turned out better than my poor little guy.  It was fun though, and I like him even if he does have an elderly wrinkly behind, and slightly crooked legs and head.   I had cut them out and made several kits about 3 years ago or so and it was nice to finally get a couple of them made.   SeaWorld was great, they hadn't been before and we got to see about 4 shows.  It was overcast and sometimes drizzly, but we were grateful that it wasn't steaming hot.   We had really good seats at Shamu Stadium, the best we've ever had, and the shows were awesome.   It was hard to see them go, we haven't seen much of them over the years, but have considered them our really good friends for over 40 years, they introduced us to our church. 

His birthday was Sunday, Kaylea's was this past Monday, and Micah's and mine were yesterday, so my daughter and her husband had a family gathering at their house.  It was a very nice last evening before they had to go.  I think three birthday cakes is really going above and beyond.  Our friend had his birthday cake before they came, but we still celebrated his birthday, too.  
PS.   Since we were both sewing, I first got out my Janome Platinum, and the foot pedal was having issues (they have been long time and I've read on the net that it's not uncommon for them to keep sewing after you let off the pedal.  I ordered a new pedal today, and I certainly hope that it resolves the issue as it has had it since almost the beginning after I purchased it.  If not, I think Janome is going to get a letter from me about my unhappiness  I had tinkered with it a few months ago and thought that the problem was resolved, but uh-uh), so I got out my Featherweight.  I remembered from over 40 years ago that when we sewed together she had a really cute little black machine, and I was right, it was a Featherweight.   Anyway, I've had mine for several years, but it has been mostly a decoration and it was nice for someone who knew how to use them to plug her in and give her a little workout.  I was happy to see that she purred right along.  

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Wheels Turn Slowly

The wheels turn slowly, but they do turn and things are getting done.   This morning I got another six blocks done and hope to get more done by the end of the day.    I found out that I'll be babysitting my adorable little great granddaughter for a couple hours this afternoon, so I won't get as many done as I hoped, but it's all good.   I'm adding her picture, I haven't put one on my blog for awhile.   I can see that I need to be a little stingier with the end strips, these were too big, but added in with the other fifty-three they ought to pass.
This picture was taken on December 14th, and she will be one year old on December 16th, tomorrow.   She already had two parties, one in Nashville, Tennessee, and one here, but since tomorrow is the 'real' day, we are going to Chuck E Cheese.  I think it's more for her Daddy than her.  I'm sure she'll have a good time though.

I think I had mentioned before that my DD's stepdaughter is going to be getting sewing things for Christmas and so DD came over this past weekend and we made up six little kits for making these Scottie dogs from Denyse Schmidt Quilts.   I remember having two granddtrs over to make tote bags and they about wore me out, so since at least 3 of the 6 and maybe 4 will need considerable aid, I think DD and I are going to get together ahead of time and do ours.   Two things will hopefully be accomplished, we'll know what we're doing and we will be able to help with theirs instead of do ours.   We should be able to embelish them as a big group though.   It will be the two of us, Kaylea 7, Tabitha 19 (DGD), and Marcy (DGD in law) and Sarah (DGS's girlfriend) early twenties.   It should be fun and the Scottie dogs look so cute.   I also got five more little stockings done, and Christmas cards done and out, so I'm only gathering a little moss.