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Sunday, January 28, 2018

Misc. Projects, Mini Quilts, Baby Quilt, Etc.

To my surprise, the monthly mini quilt continues this year at Sew Can She.

That's what the Sweet Flora Mini Quilt is supposed to look like, this is mine.  I mistaken thought that the 1 inch hexagons were 1/2 inch, and so I had lots of empty space.  I may make another, as my great-granddaughter got baptized this weekend, and I gave this one to her.

A young couple we know are having a baby boy any day, this and the burp cloths that I recently made are for them.

The back of the mini quilt.  

For another younger great-granddaughter.  The pouch is leftover fleece on the outside and the tote bag is made from valentine tea towels that I got yesterday at the Dollar Store.  When she saw my daughter's journal cover etc., she wanted one, too.  

My granddaughter requested a tote to use when she takes one of my young great-grandsons to day care.  I also shared my link on Sew Can She.  Lots of projects to look at and read about there.

Saturday, November 4, 2017

A Little Brown and Black

I just added pink to the Rainbow Scrap Challenge last night, so I'll go from being very late, to being early.  As I explained last night, I did 72 slab blocks for a queen sized quilt, to be finished in a few months, and it includes these 7 browns.  

And, 7 blacks also.  My blocks don't ever seem to be purist though, almost anything goes as long as there is some of the desired color.  I also consider gray to be black. Maybe I'm color blind and don't know it.

I finished 2 more baby quilt flimsies, not too much of a stretch, as it was only one border on this one.

This one was finished today too, and it was just 3 borders.  Panels sure hurry up the process.

I have been trying to use up fabric and scraps, and made the mistake of looking at the Marshall's Dry Goods site after receiving their email.  I fell in love with these golden fabrics, I love bling.  There is also one of the Christmas balls with a black background.  I was bad and ordered a yard of each, and then needed to decide what to do with them.

I found this quilt on and fell in love with it.  I can see the different golds in the blocks, with 4 of the
motifs inserted into them, and a pretty red metallic fabric for the sashing.  It's her Mondrian Inspired Quilt Pattern

Friday, November 3, 2017

Hurry, Hurry Post

I have less than an hour for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge October, pink.  These are slab blocks, 7 of 72 that I made for a queen sized quilt from my scraps.  I'm putting it aside for a little while now, but will be back to it in the next three or four months, I hope.

7 each of these colors to go toward the 72 blocks for the queen sized quilt.

And, likewise these.

7 of each color group, except for the aqua, only 2 of them.
My high tech method of quilt planning.

Yesterday I cut out several baby quilts, this was one that I started with 3 orphan blocks.  Everything from scraps or fabrics I already had, except for 1/2 yard of the Tinkerbell fabric. 

You can probably tell from this close-up why this was an orphan block.

I sewed together 2 of the baby quilts today, this was the other one.  It is a little odd, it was actually a panel to make bags out of, but I decided to do a baby quilt instead.  It would have been even odder if I had used the other little motif picture of bras and panties.  Hopefully, there is a mom who would like a girly-girl baby quilt.

This is a baby boy fishing quilt panel that I've had for years, Thimbleberry, I believe.  I cut it out yesterday, also.

And the only one that I had to buy the fabrics for, for my great-grandson.  My granddaughter decided to do the kids shared room with Minnie and Mickey.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Aurora Lee's Quilt

Aurora's baby quilt is finally finished.  She will be six months soon, it's about time.

Her mama, Tabitha, was saying that she had a lot of flannel receiving blankets that she wasn't sure what to do with. I asked if she'd like to use them for the back, so that's what we did.  She brought over ten, and I used parts of all of them.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Danika Lee's Baby Quilt

My niece's daughter is having a baby, and she asked me to make her a baby quilt.  I was going to anyway, lol.  She likes purple, not pink.

I like scrappy backs, I just hope they don't hate them.  Her mom is into country, hope a little rubbed off on her (the new momma).

It's going to be from the great-grandparents, I'm donating the labor.   I left empty space on the bottom, so they can write in the particulars, length weight, birthdate.  My niece also has a pre-teen, and since I never made her a quilt I'm working on one, and in my spare time (between Dr. appt's) I'm crocheting a little baby blanket.  I think that will do nicely for this branch of the family.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Mini Me

40" by 50" baby quilt top.

26" x 30" from leftover blocks.  I've been using the Essential Pro from Connecting threads for piecing and have had seams coming apart for the first time ever.   I had one come apart today and figured out that for piecing it's not good as I believe that when it is pressed with a hot iron, the polyester essential pro must melt.  I had a whole, about 4 inch seam come apart in my hand today and it was one where I had really put the heat to it.  Oh well, so much for saving money, it's back to Aurifil for piecing.  Hopefully, the quilts that I've made won't be coming apart.  I already have had to mend 1 top, and I noticed a day or two ago a seam about 1" long on one of my table toppers that had come apart.  You live and you learn, but hopefully not at the expense of quilts that I've made for others.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

August Finish

I have my finish for August, Tucker's baby quilt.  Now I just need to get the quilt and the pillowcases for his brothers and sisters in the mail.  I have my first bow tie quilted, and the second one one-third quilted, but I'm not sure I want to finish them until the first of September.  September will be crazy, as DH will be having a heart cath and stint and heart surgery.  Don't know when yet for the cath and stint (or is it shunt), but he is scheduled to go in the hospital for the heart surgery September 18th.  It would be nice to have my September finish done the first of September.  Looking at the letter of my goal, not the spirit.

You probably already guessed that this is the back of Tucker's quilt.  It is plaid flannel, but I figure that his dad will like that, he likes flannel shirts.
PS  That's Goofy at the bottom trying to swing into the plant.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Baby Quilt

Here are some blocks laid out on my "design bed".  I have a small design wall, but sometimes the bed just works better, and the blocks don't get blown off by the fan.  I hope that this gets a lot better when it's sewn together.  I think as usual, my idea of a baby quilt is more like a small child quilt (maybe not even that small)  It will be a little under 42 inches by 54 inches finished.   I don't plan on a border, and I plan on using a red binding.  A long time ago I saved a picture of a quilt that I liked and that looked easy in my folder "Quilts to Make", and this is my take on it.  The one I got the idea from was green and red with plain blocks.  I would show the picture, but I don't want to offend someone, since I can't remember where I saw it. 

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Landon's Quilt

We found out yesterday that Baby Landon has been in the hospital for two weeks.  His simple hernia operation had complications, and he will hopefully be home tomorrow.   These two little quilts, this one and the one for my new great-grandbaby are 40" x 50".  Hope Landon's parents like cars.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Manly Quilts and Baby Quilt Label

My three day baby quilt is officially done done. I got the label made and sewn on, and now just have to check with my grandson to see if he prefers washed or not. I think that I prefer washed, especially for a baby.

My four manly quilt centers are done, now on to the borders. At least now they will be a little different one from another.

PS Dominic Carmine - do you think the little guy may have some Italian in there.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Winner, Baby Quilt, Schnibbles, and Leaders and Enders (In Short, Misc.)

 Whew, I'm finding this new way of doing pictures on blogger very challenging, but I think I've got them in the right order now.
I saw a really neat giveaway on Heidi's blog "Handmade by Heidi" and you've probably guessed by now, that I was fortunate enough to win it!  I've followed and enjoyed her blog for quite a while now, and if you haven't visited her she has a new tutorial on a curling iron holder that she has just added.  Here is the information on my new block tool
I'm really excited to have won it and since I just received it I haven't had time to really look it over, but it looks like it is just as awesome as I had hoped.  Thank you so much, Heidi.

I'm ashamed to admit that this is my first actual quilt finish for the year.  I have finished other things, but not a real quilt.  This is my new Great Grandbaby Mackenzie's quilt, she just turned 3 months old, that's pretty good for me, lol.  The top is sock monkeys, and the back is assorted baby flannels and nice and soft and cozy. 
It's sitting on the back of my nephew Robert's quilt, I hope to have it finished by Monday, as he and his dad and my other brother are coming to visit and I'd like to give it to him then.  I just finished pressing the top and back with my new spray that I got the recipe for on one of the yahoo groups.  I like it a lot, it smells good and does the job.  I'll put the recipe at the end of the post if anyone is interested.
The picture above is of my new leaders and enders project, I haven't finished the old one yet, but this one came to mind.  It is the little leftover half square trianges from the Iowa (Carolina) Christmas.  I am going to make doll quilts with the little 3 inch pinwheels alternating with plain blocks.  I'm thinking either more of the neutrals with the prints, so the pinwheels float, or the gold below.  What do you think?
I've been seeing the Schnibbles quilts on different blogs and decided I want to play, too.  I was hoping to have this one done this month, but it doesn't seem to be in the cards, as I need to do other things first.  I have several of the Moda charm packs, Hollywood and Vine by 3 Sisters, as I got them about five years ago thinking my granddaughters might be interested.  Alas, only one showed interest, and hers seems to have waned.  I think they will be perfect for a Schnibbles though.

Here's the recipe:


2 cups distilled water
2 ounces vodka
6-10 ounces essential oil
1/3 cup liquid starch