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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Sunrise Sunset Finished

All finished just needs to be washed and put on the bed.

More true colors.

And the back of course.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Whew.... That Was a Challenge

Two and a half days spent mostly basting and I have these four to show for it, Breanna's, Kerri's, my purple paintbox and my Sunrise Sunset (Orca Bay).  Wow was that Sunrise Sunset a challenge.  The wool batting seems to have made it heavier and harder to baste than my Iowa Christmas or my brother's Fourth of July quilts, which were also large queen sized quilts.  I hope that it isn't too much of a challenge to quilt on my Juki.  The plan from here is to finish Breanna's and Kerri's quilts and then to work on the bags for Marcy and Mackenzie.   I'm hoping to finish them and then to hopefully have time to finish the other two before the July visitors come.  Kerri and her 4 little ones will be coming and Nathan, Marcy and their little one will be here.  Vince and I are hoping that it can work out for all of us to go to Camp Blanding while they are here, that'll be fun. 

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Another Flimsy Complete

Sunrise Sunset (Orca Bay) is a flimsy now and has all its borders.  I added 3 more to Bonnie's 2, a 1 1/2", 5", and 2" finished for a total of 8 1/2 inches on each side.  It's kind of funny that Bonnie's last mystery was big and I made 2 out of it (still working on 1) and this one was small for her, and I made it into the biggest quilt that I've made I do believe.  It will be about 91.5" by 101.5" finished. 

A corner, as you've probably already guessed.  This close up shows that it really is blue and not green.   There is a background of blue and then gold figures with a bit of blue, and in most pictures it makes the fabric look green. 

Just another view.  This is on the queen sized bed in my sewing room, but when it's finished it will go on the queen sized bed in DH and my bedroom.  I've got 5 of the 6 borders that I've been working on completed, and just have 1 more to go on my leaders and enders quilt.  Then of course it's on to making backs and bindings and then on to the quilting.  My new sewing machine table for my quilting seems to have been delayed.  Their website says 2-3 weeks, but now they seem to be a bit behind and they're saying 5-6 weeks.  I guess that unless I want to use my machine as is (I don't, I want to see if it is actually easier to FMQ when your machine is even with the table top) I have at least a couple more weeks to get things ready.

Sorry, it's been a few weeks and I guess I'm out of practice I should have recommended that if you want to check out lots of Orca Bay progress go here at Bonnie's blog.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Two to Go

The last border really isn't green, it's predominantly turquoise, but I think that it's reading a green due to the poor lighting and the fact that there is a lot of metallic gold in it.  I still have my blue and purple piano border and my last plain border to go, and then the top will be finished.  I'll have a genuine flimsy. 

I haven't even started on my piano border though, so it may be a little while. 

Oh, I almost forgot.  I wanted to ask for advice if anyone has any to spare.  I'm getting a sewing table for my Juki in the hopes that my FMQ'ing (read here, meandering) will improve a bit if my quilts aren't catching on the extra protuberances of the sewing machine caused by it's not being set into the table.  I have seen the Gidget 2 That Leah Day sells and the SewEzi  if you have one of these please let me know how you like it, or if you have another suggestion, I'd love to hear it.  I need one about that size (small) as that is the amount of room that I have.

Is it a Conspiracy?

It's Monday and even though there isn't a Linky today, it seems like posting is a bit of a habit.  Besides, while I was working on this yesterday, I think I discovered a conspiracy.  I've read on different blogs estimates as much as 4400 pieces in this quilt, and where there are lots of pieces it's obvious that there are also little clingy threads.  I thought of wrapping some masking tape around my fingers, but that seemed like a lot of trouble, and then I remembered.  How many times have I seen pictures of cats on blogs, many times sitting on an ironing board.  I haven't got a cat or dog, but maybe threads and pets are somehow connected.  What if some of the "quilting ladies" have discovered that cats pick up threads and carry them off so that they can clean themselves as I've heard that cats do.  What if they are like big soft furry brillo pads when it comes to threads.  Maybe, dogs are similarly helpful, and take the threads outside and shake them off.   I've also noticed that many times these same "quilting ladies" have more than one pet, so I think that perhaps it is a conspiracy and they are trying to keep them all to themselves. 

Friday, January 6, 2012

Body of Orca Bay - Sunrise Sunset Done

The body of the quilt is finished, now on to the five borders.  I like working with smaller pieces better than borders and backs, but it has to be done.  Still have my by the end of the month goal, so it seems doable.  I really should try for better lighting outside, but not today.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Getting Threre Long Way to Go

I've worked on this and gotten nine rows done.  Phew.  It wouldn't be such a process, but I'm back and forth to the iron constantly, which I figure is good for me as it's a little bit of exercise.  I'm liking it although it is a bit busy, I think that even with my wild colors it's going to be pretty awesome when it's done. 

I had discovered a new quilt shop on the last shop hop that I went on, and then forgot where it was except that it was about 30 or 40 miles away and seemed to be in the boondocks.  Luckily I was able to find the flyer for the November shop hop on the internet and DH and I made a trip there yesterday.  I got this fabric for the borders I'm adding to make the quilt bigger.  It looked bluer in the store, and it looks bluer in person than it does here, but if I use it, it'll be for the 1st extra border, as some of the piano keys, and for the third extra border.  The other piano keys will be various purples and here is the link again of the quilt that I got the idea from.  I've been coveting the Janome 6600 and recently read that they aren't making them anymore.  At the shop yesterday they had the Horizon, and wouldn't I love to have one of those.  If I could get the right price I think that I'd trade in all my machines (4) except my old serger and my embroidery machine and just go with the one machine.  I'd gain some floor space and it would do it all I'm sure. 

I've been looking at clearance flannel sheets on Lands End and they are pretty pricey even on the clearance.  They had this flannel for $3.00 a yard yesterday, so I got more than enough for my Sunrise Sunset (Orca Bay) back.  I think I saved quite a bit maybe even half over the flannel sheets.    It had a little sun fading just on the fold, and for my purpose it won't be a problem, as I plan to do a couple strips of leftovers from the quilt on the back.  It'll use up some scraps and fancy up this pale flannel a bit.  I would have rather had it a bit darker, but I think it'll be fine.   Oh well, back to 8 more rows of Sunrise Sunset and then 5 borders etc, etc.  I think that I probably have a good ways to go before I post my first finish for 2012.  I hope that it will be in January though, I'm hoping to continue my challenge of at least a finish a month.  Last year, I didn't finish any in October and November, but I did have 18 finishes total.  Without my challenge to myself I think that I would have had a lot less.