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Thursday, December 13, 2012

How 'bout them DOGS!!!

Tabitha (my granddaughter) did the top almost by herself and due to her being in process of moving and working full time and Christmas being around the corner, I took it from there.  Here is her finished Georgia Bulldog quilt.  The recipient also likes camo and we needed 2 more fabrics for the pattern.  I like the additions.   It's the "Just Can't Cut it" pattern with a little adaptation due to my figuring error.  The camo blocks are only supposed to have 5 pieces, not 8, but I like it better this way and so does Tabbie.
Tabbie's friend obviously is a Georgia Bulldogs fan and they are rivals of the Florida Gators.  Tabbie's stepfather is an avid Gator fan and Tabbie and her friend are going to her mom's house for Christmas.   I'm hoping that Tabbie gives the quilt to her over there, it should make for some good natured ribbing and then Ernie (two Ernie's in the family, my husband and my son-in-law) can drag out his Gator quilt, lol.
(Sorry about the laundry, at least it was clean and folded.)

BeeA is a nickname from childhood, due to another child in the family who couldn't speak correctly, and it stuck.  The back is a sheet from Landsend.  I know a lot of quilters wouldn't think of using sheets, but I like the 200 count ones and they are a lot cheaper than similar amounts of quilting cottons.   The ones from Landsend feel luxurious and are a bargain when on sale.   Target has nice ones too, and I have gotten them on sale in the 3 and 4 dollar range.  Pretty good price for a quilt back and they are 100% cotton. 

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Tabbie's Sewing

I was quilting my Craftsy BOM when my granddaughter texted and asked me if I could help her make a wallet.  Of course, I said yes and did what I could to prepare for the next day.  In my previous post I added a picture of the bag we made and the outside of her wallet (here).   Here is the inside of her wallet.  It's not perfect, the pattern was not well written and had no pictures at all, so there was a lot of figuring out and a couple of mistakes that we had to get creative with, but all in all, it was a success.  She loves her bag and her wallet and thought that it was fun. 
While we were at Joann's buying zippers, interfacings and such she decided that she would like to make a Christmas gift for her friend.  Her friend likes camo and the Georgia Bulldogs, so I suggested a fleece throw.   That appealed to her so we looked at fabrics and while we were looking for fabric for the binding, she changed her mind and decided she'd like to make a quilt instead, like the one her mother had made for her husband.  Same pattern, but big difference, he's a Florida Gator fan, a big rival of the Bulldogs.   She had two days off, the first day was wallet and bag and the second day was quilt.  She still has one border to add and binding to prepare, and I have a label to add to a sheet that we chose for the back, and then we'll be able to baste.  I'm hoping her next day off that we will get to that point and then I'll quilt it for her, she'll come back and attach the binding, a wash and a dry and her friend will be opening her Bulldog quilt in the middle of some die hard Gator fans on Christmas. 

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Two More Finished

This is the last manly quilt (4 out of 4) finished for my grandson Jacob.  Now to get them delivered, the house back to where I don't mind living here, and then on to my pumpkin table mats.   I'm going to use this pattern, but am going to be lazy and probably skip the leaves and stems.  I think they will still be cute.

This is one of the quilts that looks pretty good if you own a horse to gallop by it on (not my best quilting ever).  It is finished, and hopefully DGD will be happy.   The heart at the bottom was my sad little attempt at shabby chic and to cover up a fraying seam. 
The four fabrics on the left are for the pumpkins the middle is the background,  the stripe is the narrow border, and the large print below with the black background is the wide border.  I think I have enough fabric for about 3 of them.  A quick and easy project, especially using my lazy way.
Between blogger and my ignorance of its new rules, we can make a 20 minute job last 2 hours easily.