Thursday, December 13, 2012

How 'bout them DOGS!!!

Tabitha (my granddaughter) did the top almost by herself and due to her being in process of moving and working full time and Christmas being around the corner, I took it from there.  Here is her finished Georgia Bulldog quilt.  The recipient also likes camo and we needed 2 more fabrics for the pattern.  I like the additions.   It's the "Just Can't Cut it" pattern with a little adaptation due to my figuring error.  The camo blocks are only supposed to have 5 pieces, not 8, but I like it better this way and so does Tabbie.
Tabbie's friend obviously is a Georgia Bulldogs fan and they are rivals of the Florida Gators.  Tabbie's stepfather is an avid Gator fan and Tabbie and her friend are going to her mom's house for Christmas.   I'm hoping that Tabbie gives the quilt to her over there, it should make for some good natured ribbing and then Ernie (two Ernie's in the family, my husband and my son-in-law) can drag out his Gator quilt, lol.
(Sorry about the laundry, at least it was clean and folded.)

BeeA is a nickname from childhood, due to another child in the family who couldn't speak correctly, and it stuck.  The back is a sheet from Landsend.  I know a lot of quilters wouldn't think of using sheets, but I like the 200 count ones and they are a lot cheaper than similar amounts of quilting cottons.   The ones from Landsend feel luxurious and are a bargain when on sale.   Target has nice ones too, and I have gotten them on sale in the 3 and 4 dollar range.  Pretty good price for a quilt back and they are 100% cotton. 

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