Monday, December 17, 2012

First Scrap Vomit Block

Scrap Vomit isn't a very pretty name, but I think that it makes pretty quilts, and here is block A number one.   If I like making them I'll go ahead and make it to fit my bed, which will mean a total of 49 blocks, 25 A blocks and 24 B blocks.   Since the blocks should finish at 14" x 14", I'll probably do a border.  I have a queen sized bed and I like it to hang over more like a bedspread than a comforter or coverlet.   Here is "I'm a Ginger Monkey's" tutorial.  Here are her Scrap Vomit quilts so far.

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Amanda said...

Good luck with this. I've had quite enough of sewing squares together with doing Oliver and Laura's quilt. All that seam matching drove me mad!