Sunday, December 23, 2012

First Quadrant Scrap Vomit

Here's plan A for my SV.  As you can see I have a very high tech method for quilt planning.   My Bottom right corner is in the box (pizza box) now, and unless I change my mind and go to another Plan B or C, this will be for one of my queen sized beds.  At this point a change in my mind could lead to anything from lap sized up. 
I couldnt' get a good angle on this, but here are the first 16 blocks sewn together.  Not bad since I only started sewing on December 17th, about a week ago. 
It helps that I'm semi housebound with my husband's illness.  Hopefully, that'll change and I won't get as much done.  


Art by Rhoda Forbes said...

That is a gorgeous scrappy the hint of black here and there.

Sharyn Mallow Woerz said...

You mean we need a plan?? :)
Looks great. My early quilt journals are full of drawing ideas like yours.
Once I had a working wall I started drawing with fabric.

seasons best, Sharyn in Kalama

Amanda said...

It's looking great, the bit of pattern through the Irish chain type blocks really works. Best wishes to you and Ernie for a happy Christmas, and fingers crossed for better things in 2013

Amy said...

LOL. Love the name. Just the other day I had a friend declare "that sounds like a puke-vomit" quilt when I was describing my colors for Easy Street.

Lovin' alllll the scrappiness!!!!