Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Singer 185

I'm thinking of getting this Singer 185 for my young adult granddaughter but have been getting mixed reviews.   Haven't seen it in person yet, the seller says it's in good condition and wants $75.00 for it.  Any opinions on if it is a good value.


Sharyn Mallow Woerz said...

Does it have a knee or foot throttle? The White Rotary (1947) that I'm using for this years mystery is in a table like this one, and I knew within a few hours of steady work that ergonomics played no part in its design. The body doesn't line up with the needle. So sew on whatever you are thinking of buying yourself for awhile as see how you feel, and have the child sew on it. If she is tall as an adult no problem but 5' and under she needs to work the machine you are considering.
You can get a pool noodle and cut a chunk off to go around the knee throttle to bring it closer to the leg, and you might need to place a footstool under it for real comfort.

I agree with everyone else don't touch a touch and sew.

My cousin got one of those Hello Kitty ones at goodwill for THREE DOLLARS US with the box and attachments. After she got it out and fooled with it she realized it have been threaded incorrectly and the former owner simple junked it. It sews beautifully :)

Also, if they take to sewing like I did, they will want a machine at home, so a portable with a surround is probably the ticket so she can take and bring it. If you don't want it going home with her a cabinet model settles the question...

I'm looking for a treadle and will task myself to use for next year's mystery.
Sharyn in Kalama

Amanda said...

I can't help you with this model I'm afraid, but what a lovely idea to get a machine for your granddaughter.