Thursday, December 27, 2012

Happy Purchase

I received an order from Marshall's Dry Goods yesterday.  I have used their batting for years and haven't found any better deals, and I have used their fabric before, some of which was a bit thin, so I was waiting rather nervously for this to arrive.  I got 12 yards for $37.83, regular price.  That works out to $3.16 a yard.   I'm very happy with my purchase, the fabric quality is fine with me.  The colors here are way off, the far left is 8 yards of light pink, the bandana fabric is really orange, and the middle fabric is grey.    I'm very happy and will be ordering more from them.  I got a bolt of the pink to use as a background for my BOM and Sugar Block Club with Amy Gibson.  Other than the background, it will be scrappy, pretty much anything goes. 

Here are 4 blocks of my Scrap Vomit laid out ready to sew.  This will make 16 more when these are finished, so I'll have 32 of my 49 done.  Not a bad start.   I'll sew quadrant number two together and attach it to my quadrant number one and I'll be 4/7th done and have 4 blocks toward the next quadrant.   I'm moving right along on it. 


Amanda said...

I can't believe how cheap fabric can be in the US. I haven't seen anything under £6 (about $9.5) a metre here in the UK, and that's rare; mostly it's around £11 or £12 a metre (about $17 - $19). No wonder so many quilters in the US are able to achieve so much. Your colours for the BOMs are going to be very bright and cheerful again, it will be fun to see how they come together.

Marie said...

Great fabric bargain!Your moving right along with your ideas. We are aiming for the first of the year to get back in the sewing room ray will have his next heart surgery on the 3rd of January.Prayers are really needed for us both to be strong. YOur scrappy quilt is gonna be really neat. Many blessing to you and your sweet family. Many hugs, marie