Saturday, December 29, 2012

Stash Vomit - 4/7 + Done (Note: Educational Post)

Who says that quilting isn't educational.  I was trying to find a less graphic name for my quilt, and who knew that the scientific term for vomiting is emesis, not me.   Not Blogger either, as it is marking it as mispelled.   Being raised in the mid 1900's (does that make me sound old or what, I feel like Little House on the Prairie) vomit was a no-no word in our family, so I was considering "Spew of Scraps" in honor of Wayne and Garth, they offended my mid-century rearing also, but I was fascinated in small doses.   Or maybe, to be more true to my raising, "Throwing Up Scraps".   Yeah, that's the ticket.  
Anyway, now that I have the philosophizing out of my system (small things amuse small minds), I am 4/7th done plus 4 blocks or 32/49th done with my blocks.   It's getting pretty big.  
I'm grateful to have gotten my "Throwing Up Scraps aka Scrap Vomit" obsession, as it has made the waiting for the Easy Street clues easier to be patient for.  Six weeks and I still have to correct myself each time, I want it to be called Easy Money.   


Amanda said...

I like the new name; like you, throwing up was always the most acceptable term if you really had to say something.

Amy said...

You make me laugh!