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Sunday, August 18, 2013


I was playing with my blocks and with the Paint program on my computer this morning, and I came up with this.  After 4 more months of RSC, I could make 2 of these.  The bottom half, except for the orange and pink, would be filled with 2 each of the new RSC colors from September through December.   Just one idea.  With 8 months of blocks, there are enough to play a little.  I'm thinking that I may make doll quilts for my nieces 3 littlest girls from my small 9 patches.  I have 16 of those now, and 6 each with sashing and borders might make very nice little quilts, the same but different

My great-granddaughter from Germany will be visiting in the fall, and I've already decided to make 2 blocks each week from the Nabby's Dowry quiltalong for a doll quilt for her and a wall hanging for me, and I picked up a doll from Cracker Barrel.  Her outfit isn't exactly the cutest,  I got another coordinating, but more girly outfit to go with her.  So far my little GGD is a girly-girl.  I think there's a bit of tomboy too, though.  PS.   Red hair was a requirement, so she would match, so this was the only one with red hair.
And here's her little more girly outfit, it's shiny and lacey. 

Saturday, August 17, 2013

August RSC - It's Red All Over

Sixteen and Nine Patches

Scrappy Trip Along, or Scrappy Bargello

Scrappy Kaleidoscope 

Nine Patches and snowballs.  Now, I have to get ready to go to a baby shower, but if you want to see more RED, go to SoScrappy and they will be lots, here.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Second Teal Week Rainbow Scrap Challenge and Nabby's Dowry Sew Along

My July teal kaleidoscope block.  And below, my bonus kaleidoscope block from June and July leftovers. 

  July's scrappy trip along block.  I really am enjoying the teal and  turquoise.  (Below)

This evening we went to a local club with my daughter,  her husband, a grandson and his friend, a grandson and his wife and son, and we all listened to another grandson and his band perform.   (My grandson is the red head with the guitar.)   They get better each time we hear them and I think they are really good.   They are on a small stage in the middle of the bar surrounded by liquor bottles. I think I'd be too nervous to play afraid that I'd fall. 

I've been accumulating bonus HST's from my Deck-ade the Halls, Quilty Barn Along, and especially the Flower Patch Quilt Along.  They are only 1 1/4 inch finished, and I was wondering what I would do with them.  Along came a post on Kathy's Quilts and lo and behold, lots and lots of HST's, hers are 1 1/2 inch finished, but my 1 1/4 inchers will just make a smaller quilt, 30 by 30 inches if my figures are correct.  Just a nice size for a wall quilt.  The Nabby's Dowry Sew Along is here on Heartspun Quilts.

Add caption

Here they are, I think I'll have plenty.  You'd think with all these that I wouldn't have had any duplicates in my little block.  I'll use the excuse that I was doing this at 3:00 am.  Even in broad daylight my brain doesn't always function well.  3:00 am is very iffy.

I thought originally that the HST's were 1" finished, but I guess that they are 1 1/4" finished. 


PS.  As usual, to see more RSC entries go to Angela's soscrappy's blog here.  

Saturday, June 8, 2013

More Yellow(ish) Blocks for the June Rainbow Scrap Challenge

January through June of Rainbow Scrappy Trip Along.
And the June Rainbow Scrappy Trip Along.  

Kaleidoscope for June.

This months 16 patches, 6 inch finished 9 patches and 4 1/2 inch finished 9 patches.  As you can see, I'm having to reach to find enough yellowish scraps, I'll just pretend that it gives them character, lol.
Maybe others are working with yellow, not yellow(ish) fabrics.  To see visit SoScrappy here.   Ad I did last month, I'll probably be finished with the RSC until the last week and then I'll so my June wrap-up.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Rainbow Scrap Challenge May - Bright or Dark Blue

I've been trying very hard to catch up with my RSC and BOM's.   This week does it for my RSC although, I may do a collage for the last week.  This is the first month that I didn't have any duplicate fabrics for the Rainbow Scrappy Trip Along, but I did have to resort to cutting a few strips from stash. 
My 16 patches, 4 1/2 inch 9 patches, and 6 inch 9 patches. 

Table topper for my dresser, the color here is more true than below on my dresser.   The whites are white, not cream.  The reverse is rather cute Christmas, you can see it here if you like.

I am enjoying it on my dresser.  All my quilted and scrappy table toppers, runners and tablecloth seem to be getting comments from visitors, and I don't think that they are always positive, but I like them and my husband doesn't object, so it's ok.  They can do their house how they like and I'll do mine how I like, and I like quilts, large and small.   I've seen comments on forums about "Would Visitors Know if a Quilter Lived at Your House", and it amazes me that some people don't keep any for themselves, and don't have any displayed or even on their beds.  I do, I do, and I do, and I will have more before the end of the year. 

Snowball and 9 patches.  I think maybe I should have raided my stash a little on these and stuck with either dark or light frames, but maybe it will look nice in the finished product. 
My mini Stacked Blox has at least a temporary home.  I don't think it is technically RSC, but it was made from leftovers from a larger quilt, so maybe.   Anyway, except for my kaleidoscope, which I made in error in an earlier month, and my 2 1/2 inch scrap strips for my RSC Jelly Roll Race, that's it for the month.   Now it's on to catching up on my BOM"S.  I have April and May to do on my Sugar Block Club, Craftsy 2012 BOM, OKC Modern Block, and Craftsy 2013 BOM, and May on my Craftsy Civil War BOM.   It's sad, I feel an urgency to hurry because I can't wait to start the Quilty Barn Along from Bee in My Bonnet, and the Deck-Ade the Halls from the Fat Quarter Shop.  I also loved the In From The Cold Hot Cocoa pattern from UnitedNotions, but since there are mugs on the Deck-Ade the Halls I'm opting to put Hot Cocoa on my someday list.  If you'd like to see more Blue Rainbow Scrap Challenge projects, go here on Saturday, Angela's Soscrappy will have lots of linkups.  
Sorry about all the links, but it keeps me from having to look things up and it gives credit to those who have shared.  

I had a gift card left from Christmas and so we stopped by Joann's today.  My RSC had overgrown the top container last month and with May's added, there was no way that the top was going to close.  I got the new container with my gift card and a 50% off coupon.  regularly 29.95, and then I got 1 1/2 yards of Christmas fabric for my Deck-Ade the Halls inner border and binding, regularly 6.95 a yard.   With those and a box of Good N Plenty's, I still have $2.88 on the card.  Not too bad.  I think the new container will hold all the way until the end of the year.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Green RSC Kaleidoscoope, Etc.

Since I finished 2 table runners and a table topper, I linked up with crazy mom quilts Finish it up Friday here. 
My six inch nine patches.
They look the same in the picture, but these are four and a half inch nine patches.
Sixteen patches.
I can't seem to stop Picasa from assigning weird dates.  I actually finished this table runner 040913.  Green scraps in the side on the left, so I figure it's part of the Rainbow Scrap Challenge. 
This was actually finished 040713?  Again one side has green scraps.  They are not really out of shape, it's my photography.
And I almost forgot this green finished 0410.  My Rainbow Scrappy Tripalong, or Bargello?  I'm kind of liking this Tripalong though.
And here, last but not least, my snowballs and nine patches.  Sorry, this whole post is out of chronological order.  I kept adding things to get everything in one post. 
I tried not pressing my block until the end, but my center isn't too good on this one.  I pressed my bonus block as I went, and the center is better.
My crazy bonus block.

I don't know about my expected company, when they will come, so I'm trying to finish everything as my focus will change to cleaning and cooking when I know they're coming.  I just have one more RSC project and I'll be doing it asap (it's done, my snowball and nine patches).  I also have quilts my brother has asked me to do for him as gifts for friends that are a priority. 
If you'd like to see lots more green, it won't fatten your wallet, but you can visit Angela at Soscrappy here .

And my last hurrah for April RSC.  Top Row: Scrappy Trip Along, Table Runner, 4 1/2 inch 9 patches.  Second Row: Rainbow Jelly Roll Race, Snowballs and 9 patches.  Bottom Row: Table Runner, Kitty Table Topper, Kaleidoscope blocks, 6 Inch 9 Patches and 16 Patches.


Monday, March 4, 2013

It's Only Just Begun!

I think SoScrappy has created a monster.  I seem to be like eating Lay's potato chips, I can't stop at just one Rainbow Scrap Quilt.  Today I ran across Don't Call Me Betsy's QAL from 2011, "Kaleidoscope", and I was so tempted, and then I thought, I was tempted before by Elaine Adairs beautiful Kaleidoscope quilts, so I kind of mixed them together.  I didn't have Elaine's big ruler, so I used Elizabeth's (she said don't call her Betsy) dimensions, and Elaine's strips.  I only got enough for 7 cuts from my strip set so I had to do two strip sets for one block.  I know I'll get better at these.  Bad news, I have to go back and make a pink one and a purple one for January and February's colors. 

Here's what my orange will be like if I decide on the Rainbow Bargello.

And if I decide on the Rainbow Scrappy Trip Along.

Next month, when I have 4 colors I'll see how the Rainbow Scrappy trip along would look, but I couldn't resist seeing what the scrappy Bargello might look like.   Tomorrow (Tuesday), we start the process to get DH out of rehab.  We are having the home assessment at 11:00 and the meeting with the social worker at 3:30.  Shouldn't be long now.  
For more RSC 2013 visit Angela here.   
PS  Update DH came home yesterday (Friday).  We are adjusting and doing fine.  

Saturday, February 16, 2013

BOM's and DH

I didn't sew at all for almost a month, as DH went in the hospital for an ablation and ended up with open heart surgery.  After two weeks he was sent home and went back in after about three days, long story, but he spent a few more days in ICU and then a few in the regular room and this time released to rehab for an approximate one to four week stay.  I stayed with him almost 24 hours a day when he was in the hospital, but now that he is in rehab I stay with him about 12 hours a day, over night actually.  In the hospital he had a private room and there was a recliner and a love seat, in the rehab, only a straight chair and a roommate.  I stay over night, but can't sleep well there, so go home to rest.  Since I can't always rest, I have sewn.  I tried to catch up on the Rainbow Scrap Challenge first and here were my first blocks. 

Next, I did the 16 patches.

Then on to what will be either a Rainbow Scrap Bargello or a Rainbow Scrappy Trip Around the World from Bonnie Hunter's Quiltville. 

The leftover 2 1/2 inch strips will become a Rainbow Strippie Jelly Roll Race style quilt at the end.

Here's a wrap up of February's purple RSC.   Top left, possible bargello, top right, 16 patches, bottom left possible trip around the world, middle right strippie, and bottom right snowballs and nine patches.  If you want to enjoy lots of purples and maybe some pinks, go to Angela's blog, Soscrappy here.

Here is the lesson four block from the Craftsy Re-piecing the past, Civil War Blocks Then and Now class.  I didn't read the directions very well and had to do this one twice.   My blocks aren't as crooked as they seem, my design flannel is over a louvered door, and it is wavy.   My colors for this one are blue, gold, green and red.   I'm a bit color challenged, so each quilt is a big ? mark.

Another Craftsy class, this is the February lesson from the Craftsy BOM 2013.   Brown, cheddar, green and purple for this one.   I can only hope.

These two are the February blocks from the Craftsy BOM 2012.  I've made them before, but this time I'm adding them to the Sugar Block Club blocks for a queen sized quilt.  Again, they are square, but don't look it due to the wavy flannel.  Pink, gray, red and blue for this one.  I still have the Sugar Block Club and my OKC Modern Quilter's Guild block to do and then I'll be caught up on my BOM's.   Hope next month is better, but when DH comes home I guess I could be busier as it's hard to know how independent he will be.   Good news for my little town in Central Florida.  We had a Hobby Lobby open this week so now I'll have my local quilt shop, Walmart and Hobby Lobby within 15 minutes.  I know how fortunate that I am.