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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Misc., Hidden Wells, China Cabinet, Sandhill Cranes and Vomit, Oh My!

Just one more picture of my Throwing Up Scraps (Scrap Vomit), all washed and crinkly and on my bed with clean sheets.  DH is enjoying them all now. 

We decided that some more red, white and blue on the tables in the living and dining room would be nice when our friends get here, so this is No. 1.  Another hidden wells, I think it's going to be nice.  This one will have borders and the reverse I decided will be purples.   Maybe another wonky log cabin, as that takes the stress out of trying to get things centered. 

When my husband was in the hospital we received the little Shar Peis as a gift from our grandchildren in Germany.  I promised a picture of them in use, it took me long enough.  They have magnets in their lips (do dogs have lips).

The sandhill cranes were right in my front yard, the closest I've been to them.  I was only about 10 feet away, I would guess.  I need to get some corn or something from the feed store, maybe they'll visit again.   They make a racket, I decided that they sound like pinking shears cutting thick fabric, but much louder. 

Two of my favorite things, the big birds and my car. 

Monday, April 1, 2013

Throwing Up Scraps (Scrap Vomit) Finished

My second large finish for the year, and it is large.  I don't mind that it will shrink a few inches.  I haven't run it by DH yet to see if he thinks it's too busy for our bed.  If yes, it'll go back on my sewing room bed after washing, if no, my Easy Street will come in here and this one will go in the master bedroom.   The back is just a sage green flannel sheet, it was a king set, so I had a good start, but still had to do a little piecing.

It sure is nice to have it done.  the fabric in the bottom right is my two coin quilts, they will be next after I do April's BOM's and RSC. 

Friday, March 29, 2013

Basting and Thinking, Oh No!

I started basting at 9am, as you can see on the clock, and I just finished at 8pm.  That's solid basting except for a couple of hours when DH and I went to lunch.  Early morning light.

Early evening light.  This quilt is so big that even folding it was hard, lol.   Now to the thinking part, that's the bad thing about thread basting, lots of time to think.  When I finish this quilt and the replacement Scrappy Lattice, I'll have seven large bed sized quilts, and I have three queen sized beds.  I only have a smallish house, so I think that is probably enough.  I also have several large lap sized quilts and I'm working on more quilts that are already started, at least one of which will be another large queen size.   I always have known that just because I love quilts doesn't mean that others could care less.   Recently, a couple of things have reminded me of that fact, one was my son, who can't see any pattern to my quilts (except for the Scrappy Lattice and a Quiltville mystery.   Those two he thought could be good enough to sell in the store, which seems to be the equivelent of saying that my quilts at their best are almost as good as a bedspread off the rack at Penney's or Sears)   He says he loves his quilt, but I know if that's so it's only because I made it for him, not because it has any other value, except to keep warm.   The other was my brother who had forgotten that I had made him two quilts.  He uses one regularly, but the other evidently came home, was set on the floor beside his desk and forgotten.  After we discussed it, he remembered that he had seen something on the floor (his house is neat and clean, but he's a bachelor, so things sit where they land for a while sometimes, and he has housekeepers, so they do the vacuuming and moving things to clean under) and it turned out to be his quilt that I had given him back in May of 2011.  I don't feel mad at anyone, I can't expect that others value what I value.  I think that I've decided to cut way back on quilting though, maybe even give it up.  I have projects that I have started that I want to finish, but  I've given quilts to almost everyone I know, and I don't need more.   I will hopefully get more exercise, eat better since I may start cooking again, and have a cleaner house, more room and money , too.  My house has always been pretty clean, but it hasn't been as clean since I have become obsessed with computers and quilting.   Anyway, that's my plans, maybe I'll go back to sewing clothes and such, but I think I have enough quilts.  I enjoy making them, and I may have to wean myself, like a drug addict or alcoholic, but it is starting to seem like enough is enough.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Saturday, January 12, 2013

It Happened Again

I had good intentions of watching the Craftsy "Repiecing the Past", with Kaye England video when I got home from my husband's doctors appointment, but instead I replenished my 2 1/2" scrappy squares and started 4 of the block b's for my SV quilt.   By that time DH was up from his long nap and we watched TV for awhile.  I again started watching the video on my ipad and fell asleep.   Oh well, I figured that I might as well finish my 4 blocks this morning, which I did.  I also sewed them into quadrant 3.  Only 8 more blocks to go and I'll be ready to put the quadrants all together and think about borders. 

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Stash Vomit - 4/7 + Done (Note: Educational Post)

Who says that quilting isn't educational.  I was trying to find a less graphic name for my quilt, and who knew that the scientific term for vomiting is emesis, not me.   Not Blogger either, as it is marking it as mispelled.   Being raised in the mid 1900's (does that make me sound old or what, I feel like Little House on the Prairie) vomit was a no-no word in our family, so I was considering "Spew of Scraps" in honor of Wayne and Garth, they offended my mid-century rearing also, but I was fascinated in small doses.   Or maybe, to be more true to my raising, "Throwing Up Scraps".   Yeah, that's the ticket.  
Anyway, now that I have the philosophizing out of my system (small things amuse small minds), I am 4/7th done plus 4 blocks or 32/49th done with my blocks.   It's getting pretty big.  
I'm grateful to have gotten my "Throwing Up Scraps aka Scrap Vomit" obsession, as it has made the waiting for the Easy Street clues easier to be patient for.  Six weeks and I still have to correct myself each time, I want it to be called Easy Money.   

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Happy Purchase

I received an order from Marshall's Dry Goods yesterday.  I have used their batting for years and haven't found any better deals, and I have used their fabric before, some of which was a bit thin, so I was waiting rather nervously for this to arrive.  I got 12 yards for $37.83, regular price.  That works out to $3.16 a yard.   I'm very happy with my purchase, the fabric quality is fine with me.  The colors here are way off, the far left is 8 yards of light pink, the bandana fabric is really orange, and the middle fabric is grey.    I'm very happy and will be ordering more from them.  I got a bolt of the pink to use as a background for my BOM and Sugar Block Club with Amy Gibson.  Other than the background, it will be scrappy, pretty much anything goes. 

Here are 4 blocks of my Scrap Vomit laid out ready to sew.  This will make 16 more when these are finished, so I'll have 32 of my 49 done.  Not a bad start.   I'll sew quadrant number two together and attach it to my quadrant number one and I'll be 4/7th done and have 4 blocks toward the next quadrant.   I'm moving right along on it. 

Sunday, December 23, 2012

First Quadrant Scrap Vomit

Here's plan A for my SV.  As you can see I have a very high tech method for quilt planning.   My Bottom right corner is in the box (pizza box) now, and unless I change my mind and go to another Plan B or C, this will be for one of my queen sized beds.  At this point a change in my mind could lead to anything from lap sized up. 
I couldnt' get a good angle on this, but here are the first 16 blocks sewn together.  Not bad since I only started sewing on December 17th, about a week ago. 
It helps that I'm semi housebound with my husband's illness.  Hopefully, that'll change and I won't get as much done.  

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Scrap Vomit Progress (I feel like washing my mouth with soap)

First nine blocks done, forty-one left to go if I stick to my original plan.  It's fairly relaxing making them, and no hurry so maybe I will. 

Monday, December 17, 2012

First Scrap Vomit Block

Scrap Vomit isn't a very pretty name, but I think that it makes pretty quilts, and here is block A number one.   If I like making them I'll go ahead and make it to fit my bed, which will mean a total of 49 blocks, 25 A blocks and 24 B blocks.   Since the blocks should finish at 14" x 14", I'll probably do a border.  I have a queen sized bed and I like it to hang over more like a bedspread than a comforter or coverlet.   Here is "I'm a Ginger Monkey's" tutorial.  Here are her Scrap Vomit quilts so far.