Friday, March 29, 2013

Basting and Thinking, Oh No!

I started basting at 9am, as you can see on the clock, and I just finished at 8pm.  That's solid basting except for a couple of hours when DH and I went to lunch.  Early morning light.

Early evening light.  This quilt is so big that even folding it was hard, lol.   Now to the thinking part, that's the bad thing about thread basting, lots of time to think.  When I finish this quilt and the replacement Scrappy Lattice, I'll have seven large bed sized quilts, and I have three queen sized beds.  I only have a smallish house, so I think that is probably enough.  I also have several large lap sized quilts and I'm working on more quilts that are already started, at least one of which will be another large queen size.   I always have known that just because I love quilts doesn't mean that others could care less.   Recently, a couple of things have reminded me of that fact, one was my son, who can't see any pattern to my quilts (except for the Scrappy Lattice and a Quiltville mystery.   Those two he thought could be good enough to sell in the store, which seems to be the equivelent of saying that my quilts at their best are almost as good as a bedspread off the rack at Penney's or Sears)   He says he loves his quilt, but I know if that's so it's only because I made it for him, not because it has any other value, except to keep warm.   The other was my brother who had forgotten that I had made him two quilts.  He uses one regularly, but the other evidently came home, was set on the floor beside his desk and forgotten.  After we discussed it, he remembered that he had seen something on the floor (his house is neat and clean, but he's a bachelor, so things sit where they land for a while sometimes, and he has housekeepers, so they do the vacuuming and moving things to clean under) and it turned out to be his quilt that I had given him back in May of 2011.  I don't feel mad at anyone, I can't expect that others value what I value.  I think that I've decided to cut way back on quilting though, maybe even give it up.  I have projects that I have started that I want to finish, but  I've given quilts to almost everyone I know, and I don't need more.   I will hopefully get more exercise, eat better since I may start cooking again, and have a cleaner house, more room and money , too.  My house has always been pretty clean, but it hasn't been as clean since I have become obsessed with computers and quilting.   Anyway, that's my plans, maybe I'll go back to sewing clothes and such, but I think I have enough quilts.  I enjoy making them, and I may have to wean myself, like a drug addict or alcoholic, but it is starting to seem like enough is enough.


Quilting By Celia said...

This is how I see my quilting; I love doing it, I love the fabrics and the community of quilters.I don't care if others don't appreciate it, or like them, or use them. I don't care that i have lots of quilts and some are not being used and don't care that my house is not the tidiest, or that I spend money on quilting. It's my life and I pleased myself or follow others expectations of of I enjoy... where would the great artists of the past be if they listen to the average folk ? I think your quilt it's awesome and you should continue to do it and if you go to be tired because you quilted for hours on end, I think it's a great feeling !!!

Amanda said...

Your poor back! I pin basted a small quilt yesterday, about three foot square, and my wrist and my back were aching so badly. I know what you mean about large quilts, though I haven't made nearly as many as you have. But I get bored with a large quilt long before it's finished. I'm probably going to stick with smaller wall quilts and regularly change our display. Not being able to sew for a couple of months has given me time to think what I want, and I couldn't bear not to sew, but I plan to spend more time on other things in the mornings and sew in the afternoons.

Katie M. said...

I agree that not everyone likes the same things we do. I made my DIL a chenille & batik quilt. Backed it with a cozy fleece. She was so happy to show me that she was using it - on the ground at the kids' ball game. I wanted to cry as I saw the fleece picking up the well worn artificial turf not to mention being stepped on and spilled on... Then it dawned on me - at least she was using it and hadn't tucked it away in the closet. Living in AZ, we don't have much need for many quilts/blankets but I did not want to stop quilting. Now the majority of my quilting is for charity and I am using up the stash I had accumulated....
Find joy in whatever direction your creativity guides you.

Sharyn Mallow Woerz said...

I figured this out about 20 years ago, and I began making complicated quilts that grow slowly, and all of mine are also double sided.

I don't want to golf with my SIL or fish with my brother or weed flower gardens with my I don't expect them to like my quilts :)

Try inklingo and hand piecing; try a Sue Garman applique..whatever...enjoy the process. I think your speed piecing and quilting has been your way of running. I know because I've been there. Running and running and running.

and there sure isn't a law against taking a break.
hugs, Sharyn

Aussie Nanna said...

Hi Candace
I love your quilts and I also think some of our loved ones don't see them quite the way we do but it doesn't bother me either. :)
I gave up quilting and blogging for a while but it eventually 'called' me back. I am glad it did as I find it relaxing and I love the creativity, the journey of planning and putting it all together and most of all the final product.
I am not a prolific quilter and I enjoy hand stitching too so....I've slowed down a lot and perhaps that is what may work for you???
Whatever you happy :)