Saturday, May 21, 2016

Super Heroes and a Crazy Year

First finish since last April other than a few bags and pillowcases.  It's been a crazy year, I'll write more about that later, in case anyone still follows me.

This is a big boy quilt for my 3 year old great grandson, Maddox.  Can you tell that he is into the Marvel Super Heroes?

Somehow I got these out of order.  This is the finished product wrapped up in its matching pillowcase, along with an additional pillowcase for the quilt that I'm making for another youngster in the family.

Basted and ready to quilt.

Not the prettiest quilt.

The front finished.  It didn't call for sashing and cornerstones, but was so busy that I felt like it needed some separation.

The back, also busy.  The back is fleece, with no batting.  We asked the recipient, and he preferred not heavy.

Another project, another ripple afghan.  Just getting started on this one.
Last May, my daughters life changed greatly.  Her marriage ended and she moved in with us, so our lives changed greatly, too.  She had one almost grown child living at home, and another grown child with a child, who was in need of some help, a single mom.  We sold our home so that we could buy a bigger one and now we have a five bedroom, two story home with a bedroom downstairs for us, and 4 bedrooms, a kitchen, living room and bath upstairs for them.  We have all lived here since last July, and things are going well for the most part.  There have been some adjustments and some compromises, but we all try to make it work, so it does.  It hasn't left much time for blogging or quilting, so that has been set aside until now, I'm finally getting to a point where we are "almost" settled.  We have roughly the same amount of space downstairs as we had in our old home, but it's distributed differently.  The formal living room is now my sewing room, and it has been an adventure solving issues as I went along trying to get things set back up.  If moving is a challenge normally, try it when you are also consolidating basically 4 households into one.  Our garage was a war zone, but now due to a lot of work, a garage sale, and a huge pile of stuff to a charity, we are pretty much consolidated.